Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Winter Mountains after the rain, snow and the ice!

Driving through Jefferson I noticed how amazing the clouds were on top of the 
White Mountains in front of me (Presidential Range). The clouds followed the ridge 
and then you can see white snow under the clouds. 
So beautiful. I had to stop for a picture. 

 As I drove on route 2 I noticed the sun was setting behind the mountains, so I snapped a picture to share. Such a gorgeous sky!

When I got near the parking place that starts the hike up to Mt. Madison, I noticed three cars in the lot. After the rain, snow and ice we had the past few days, I hope the hikers had just started their hike and were safe someplace up in the mountains.

 I took this last picture half way up Gorham hill. Love the White Mountains. Lived here my whole life and still pull over to take pictures and sometimes just stare....I am so lucky to live here!
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