Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kinsman Cascades

Speechless Wednesday : 
View From Kinsman Cascades and Falls
Franconia Notch
Taken: Aug 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lincoln NH : Second on the Left Peepers Trail

Lincoln NH is such a lovely town. 
They are shopping, great places to eat, lots of activities to do and trails to be hiked! Lincoln is great because it's between the Kancamagus Highway and Franconia Notch. There are so many hiking trails when you head to both places that it will be hard to pick from them all. Kancamagus has Mt. Hancock, Mt. Kancamagus, Mt. Osceola, Mt. Chocotua and many more. There are also some lovely waterfalls to view, like Sabbaday and Champney. This area is a great place for looking at the leaves in the fall. There are views along the highway to stop and take pictures as well. 
If you head up Franconia Notch there are some more lovely mountains to hike and see beautiful fall views. Hike up Mt. Liberty, Mt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln and so on. There is also the Flumes to visit and you can take the tram up Cannon Mountain for some nice views. You can also make a stop at the Basin and hang out at Echo Lake.
When you are staying in Lincoln there is also the Loon Mountain to visit and the Alpine Adventures' Zipline tour. Also enjoy a train ride on the Hobo Railroad which will give you a tour of some lovely views through the white mountains! Lodging in Lincoln is a great idea for those who want to be Leaf Peepers this year! There are campgrounds, hotels, Inns and cottages that are found all over Lincoln! So, if you are up for some fun this fall, head over to Lincoln for some Color Changing Fun in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leaf Peeper Season is coming...great places to stay!

This is a great time of year to be hiking up in the White Mountains. The trees are turning colors, the air is cool and there is so much "ah" around! I love this time of year to get outdoors and get hiking, biking and taking walks on the paths. So when you come from other areas of New England or even further away, you might not know the best places to stay at and what are around them. Here are a few great spots that I have enjoyed over the years and places around them you might love to see!

Our first Stop:
Jackson NH : This is a great town to stay in when you are up here in the Whites. There are some beautiful hotels and lodges to stay at such as Inn at Thorn Hill and Spa (which is award winning), Whitney's Inn at Jackson which has been around since 1840's,  Glen Oaks Inn, Inn at Ellis River and much more! When you stay around here there are so many places to hike and see! Pinkham Notch is just a hop down Route 16! There are tons of places to explore in Pinkham Notch, which as Auto Road up to Mt. Washington, Bike Trails at Great Glen Trails, hike up Tuckerman Ravine, visit the Lost Pond, see Glen Ellis Falls, go up Mt. Wildcat (Four Peaks) one is also the ski resort and zipline! There is so much to see on that road!
Plus if you want to head another direction, go over to Crawford Notch on route 302! There are lots of trails to hike, mountains to see lovely views from, stop by & see the Mt. Washington Hotel! So beautiful. Also on this road is the Cog Railway up to Mt. Washington, and two trails if hiking is your style! There is also Bretton Woods is near by!
If you want to head over to North Conway there are some great places to eat and places to shop! When you are in Conway, you are not far from the Kancamagus Highway where you can hike up Mt. Chocorua!
Staying in Jackson is such a great idea for you are in the heart of such a beautiful area for the fall! You will be happy about your stay here!
I say all this because, as a kid, we traveled through these parts all the time, since I didn't live far away and loved it most when it was Fall:) Even as an adult, I travel here with my family to see the leaves through Jackson and around the area!

Our Second stop will be Lincoln NH on the next post!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Speechless Wednesday

Speechless once again! 
What a View!:)
Overlooking the road that leads to Jefferson NH
Happy Hiking:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hiking Pickham Notch....In the White Mountains!

I have always loved traveling through Pinkham Notch as a child up through my twenties on my way to Storyland where I worked every summer. There were always some beautiful view to look at on Route 16! I remember how many wild animal encounters I had on that road, mainly moose! I loved traveling by Mt. Washington and seeing Tuckerman Ravine along the way. As a child my parents took us hiking places around Pinkham Notch and later on I did some of the trails myself. Here are a few place you should check out on your next adventure! up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Glen Ellis Falls...This is located across from on Route 16. It's a very easy trail, I remember my parents taking me here as a child. It's about .6 miles round trip. The Waterfall is beautiful! It's 64-foot waterfall! It's a must see!!

Lost Pond....This is also a trail my parents took me down as a kid. I loved following the river to the pond, I also remember seeing beavers. And it was a great place to view Mt. Washington! This was a mile walk around, but a fun place to bring the family. Follow the trail all the way down and it will lead you to Glen Ellis Falls!

Nineteen Mile Brook Trail...that leads to AMC Carter Notch Hut! GREAT HIKE! It is about 7.5 miles round trip, and if you want to hike longer, can head one way to Mt. Wildcat or the other way over to Carter Dome!
Both Mts are 4000 footers! I have been up Mt. Wildcat! Great Views! This is on Route 16 closer to Gorham, not far from the Mt. Washington Auto Road!

Tuckerman Ravine...this is a great hike! I loved hiking here as a child and as an adult! The trail starts at Pinkham Notch Visitors Center. It's about 2.3 miles to get to Hermit Lake Shelter. I came up here once in spring and watched skiers and snowboarders fly down Tuckerman Ravine! There is always snow up here until June believe it or not!

Thompson Falls Trail...starts at Wildcat Mountain Base Lodge and is about 1.4 miles round trip! There is a lovely waterfall when you reach the top.

Glen Boulder...I remember going up here when I was younger. The trail is across from Glen Ellis Falls. You follow up Glen Boulder Trail to Glen Boulder. This is about 1.6 miles up, if you want to continue on there is also Slide Peak and it's about one mile from Glen Boulder. Nice views!

Enjoy you next adventure through Pickham Notch! Happy Hiking!:)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Polar Caves ....An awesome adventure through cool caves!

I love hiking and I enjoy exploring caves!
I have always loved visiting the Polar Caves each year.
I find it so much fun to adventure underground and this
is a great place to bring kids! They love it!
 There are many caves, animals to feed, and lots
of cool birds, a gift store, a candy store, and 
a two gardens to walk through...
one a rock garden and one a flower/plant garden!

Wonderful Ducks and other birds that will get close for a treat!

Other animals to see and feed as well!

Woods Trails around the side of cliffs, to get into each cave!

Descending into a Cave!

Cool things to see when you travel through each cave!

Don't forget to try to Squeeze through the Lemon Squeeze!

The Polar Caves are in Rumney, NH
To find directions and to learn more about the Polar Caves
Check out

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speechless Wednesday...Mt. Adams

The Gully and MT. Adams
in the Presidential Range when hiking up Air Line
This was breathtaking!! Loved it!
Happy Hiking:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt. Willard in Crawford Notch

This Adventure takes us to Mt. Willard
Where we started the hike was near the Crawford Depot
and AMC Highland Center
This is the sign you will be looking for when you are on Route 302
in Crawford Notch. You will also see Lake Saco!
Here is the AMC Highland Center. I was standing near the Depot, 
where they have tables and a gift shop as well.

The trail is right near the Depot, and you hike the Mt. Willard Trail all the way up
to the views, which are amazing!
On the way up there is Centennial Pool. My dog went down to get a drink
of cool fresh mountain water!

When you reach the top there is a sign! Mt. Willard Ele.2815

Here are the VIEWS!
 You can walk around on the rocks and be careful, many cliffs
My stepson was close, but not to close to a cliff.
The view of the mountains and Route 302 running between them
is just lovely!
The hike itself is 3.2 miles up and down
Great for children and pets

Happy Hiking!:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mt. Washington Cog Railway...AWESOME

Cog Railway at Mt. Washington

I remember that last time, I went hiking up Mt. Washington,
I was told that the weather was so bad on the top,
that the only way down was to go on the Cog Railway.
This is an amazing experience! 
Let me tell you about the Cog Railway at Mt. Washington!

The Cog Railway starts at the Base Road at Marshfield Base Station, 
this is about six miles off of Route 302! There is a sign on route 302 so
you can't miss it! The road to turn on is right across from
Bretton Woods. When you get to the Base, you can see the 
trains coming up and down from the Mt. Washington.
The trip to the top is about three hours!
This Picture is at the Base where you pick up your ride up
the mountain to the top. The Cog Railraod was
 the first mountain-climbing cogs to the 
top of a mountain.
The views you will see on the way to
and from the top are beautiful and amazing!
This is one of the views from the Cog Railway when
going from the base to the top of
Mt. Washington! 
The amazing part is that you on the side of the mountain
at times seeing over cliffs. 
The tracks that these cogs run on are great!
Here are the tracks, on the side of the mountain as we 
travel higher up. It was a foggy day. I love this
picture and how the tracks flow around the edge.
The fun part is that on the way up and down the trains will pass
each other. One has to stop and let the other by...and here is a 
picture of other train going by on it's way up the mountain.
When you do get to the top of Mt. Washington, you will see
the Mount Washington Observatory Center and Museum.
There is a gift shop and place to eat inside!
The views from the top are beautiful!
The picture was at the top of Mt. Washington. Again, it was a foggy day
but it was still very beautiful.
If you are interested in the Cog Railway and want to learn more
about this amazing train ride up Mt. Washington
go to
and enjoy your adventure!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking on Mt. Washington

 Mt. Washington
I love this crazy mountain. There has been so many stories of the dangers hiking this mountain that I get goose bumps just thinking that something could go wrong. Even with the greatest weather, you need to be safe while hiking the white mountains and of all the mountains to be the most concerned about would be Mt. Washington. I am very glad though that there are a few huts around that can give cover if the weather would turn bad. Always have protective gear and pay attention to the weather before hiking.
I hiked Mt. Washington in JULY, it turned to hail when I got to the top! Yes, it can snow on top of Mt. Washington even in July. One hut around is the Lakes of the Clouds AMC hut near Mt. Monroe. Also there is AMC Madison Spring Hut near Mt. Madison which has been re-modeled and looks great! If you are at the top of Mt. Washington when weather turns bad, there is a place on top for hikers in need of shelter.
In the summer, on clear days, some people think that they are in the clear and hike up, but the sun can be strong and after the Lake of the Clouds, there are no more trees. Make sure to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen. After the huts, you are following rocks the rest of the way up to the top. Mt. Washington is 6288' and what makes it so dangerous is also the winds. Winds can pick up quickly and can be very strong. I have felt the winds up near the top of Mt. Washington and I as nervous that I can really going to be blown off the cliffs. Remember to be safe when hiking and always stay on the trails!!!
Plus if you are going to hike up this mountain, please have a map, and compass with you. It's so easy to get lost. I can't tell you how many times, people are just hiking in the white mountains with families and ask me where they are, and don't have a clue where they are going. Think that just following a trail in the white mountains will lead them someplace amazing. Well, most trails around here will take to you someplace great, but you don't want to lose your way back home. 
So exciting to be hiking this mountain again this month!! Tell you all my tales of what happens on this crazy mountain! Happy Hiking!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dream Hike in the Franconia Notch

The Franconia Ridge Trail
My dream hike would be in the Franconia Notch. It would start at the Flumes, where I would hike up the Flume Slide Trail over to Mt. Flume, then head over to Mt. Liberty. After them, I would walk along the Franconia Ridge Trail. This picture above is of the Trail that runs along five amazing mountains in Franconia Notch. Then I would head over to Little Haystack, then Mt. Lincoln, with a final stop at Mt. Lafayette. This would take all day so then we would stay over night at the Greenleaf AMC Hut. I have always wanted to stay there. The next day we would travel down the Old Bridge Path, over the Parkway, to Lonesome Lake Trail, where we would go up to Lonesome Lake, then head down the Cascade Brook Trail to where we would be very close to the Flumes. That would be an awesome hike trip! Maybe one day, I'll get the chance to do it!

On Little Haystack with Mt. Lincoln behind us

Amazing views from up on top of the Ridge!

The views from Lonesome Lake
Very popular spot for hikers

Happy Hiking:)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

For the Day Hiker

I have never slept over in one of the huts in the White Mountains. Though I do hope that one day I get the chance to go so, for I have the equipment for a night over. It would be so wonderful to walk up looking over the valleys and seeing beautiful views. But for now, I am a day hiker! I love hiking from morning until evening.
But sometimes during a travel, there is not enough time to do a long hike so it's fun to get out and stretch the legs on a walk. 
Here are some great day hikes that are very easy to do and wonderful things to see...

1. Glen Ellis Falls
When I was younger, my parents would stop here every summer to check out falls. This is a 64-foot waterfall and it's so beautiful. It's an easy hike for all ages, about .6 mile round trip. It could take you about 30 minutes but it's worth the stop. It's in Pinkham's Notch, near Wild Cat.

2. The Basin and The Basin-Cascades Trail
I love going here every year. My parents sometimes would take my sister and I here when we were younger. Great for kids and pets. It's located in Franconia Notch. It's about 2 and half miles round trip. It starts off easy but on the way up can get rocky. There are some great falls to see and the Basin is so beautiful. It's a great place to stop and check out.

3. Mt. Willard
This is not a large mountain to hike up. The elevation gain is about 900feet from where you start. It's about a moderate hike. Great for pets and children. The trail starts near the AMC Highland Center. The trip can be around 3 to 4 hours long. Great views! To find Mt. Willard travel to Crawford Notch!

4. Boulder Loop
I love boulders and so does my stepson. This trail has a few wonderful boulder spots to climb around. The loop itself is about 3 miles around and can take you about 2 to 3 hours. Though if you enjoy playing on the boulders, it can take even longer!  This wonderful trail can be found on the Kancamagus Highway!

Happy Hiking!:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking up Lonesome Lake Trail

Last week I went up to Lonesome lake, taking my nephew and new dog. We decided to hike up Lonesome Lake Trail to get to the Lake. I have never gone this way before but it was a wonderful hike up. My dog loved the hike as well. It wasn't very rocky which made it great for dogs. The trail itself is about 1.2 miles and then you can go around the lake which is another .8 miles. We hiked over to Lonesome Lake Hut which was pack full of hikers. Some hikers were also enjoying themselves by the lake. There was music and it seemed everyone was having a great day, plus the weather was perfect! Here are some pics I got of our hike up!
The Sign when we got to the Lake...1.2 miles back to Lafayette Place Campground!

The view when we got to the lake, can see the Hut in the distance.

My dog was loving the hike and enjoyed being near the lake!
Take your dog...they will love it!!

The Lonesome Lake Hut! It was crowded with hiker.
Everyone having a great time!

Lots of hiker hanging out by the lake.
It was such a beautiful day!
Plus the view was amazing!!
Happy Hiking!:)
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