Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mt. Washington Cog Railway...AWESOME

Cog Railway at Mt. Washington

I remember that last time, I went hiking up Mt. Washington,
I was told that the weather was so bad on the top,
that the only way down was to go on the Cog Railway.
This is an amazing experience! 
Let me tell you about the Cog Railway at Mt. Washington!

The Cog Railway starts at the Base Road at Marshfield Base Station, 
this is about six miles off of Route 302! There is a sign on route 302 so
you can't miss it! The road to turn on is right across from
Bretton Woods. When you get to the Base, you can see the 
trains coming up and down from the Mt. Washington.
The trip to the top is about three hours!
This Picture is at the Base where you pick up your ride up
the mountain to the top. The Cog Railraod was
 the first mountain-climbing cogs to the 
top of a mountain.
The views you will see on the way to
and from the top are beautiful and amazing!
This is one of the views from the Cog Railway when
going from the base to the top of
Mt. Washington! 
The amazing part is that you on the side of the mountain
at times seeing over cliffs. 
The tracks that these cogs run on are great!
Here are the tracks, on the side of the mountain as we 
travel higher up. It was a foggy day. I love this
picture and how the tracks flow around the edge.
The fun part is that on the way up and down the trains will pass
each other. One has to stop and let the other by...and here is a 
picture of other train going by on it's way up the mountain.
When you do get to the top of Mt. Washington, you will see
the Mount Washington Observatory Center and Museum.
There is a gift shop and place to eat inside!
The views from the top are beautiful!
The picture was at the top of Mt. Washington. Again, it was a foggy day
but it was still very beautiful.
If you are interested in the Cog Railway and want to learn more
about this amazing train ride up Mt. Washington
go to
and enjoy your adventure!

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