Monday, June 18, 2012

Trail Report: Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to Lake of the Clouds/ Mt. Monroe

This past Friday I went hiking with my wonderful stepson. We decided to do Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail up to Lake of the Clouds Hut and then to the top pf Mt. Monroe. This trail is located in the Presidential Range near the Cog Railway. We started at the Base Road Parking lot and headed up the path. It was very easy for the first 2.1 miles. Here is a few pics of the beginning of our adventure:

This is the pay station at the Base. I payed 3.00 for the day

The sign at the start of the trail: 3.1 miles to the Hut

My stepson loved the wood walking paths

Mys stepson asked many times where we were and when we were going to get to the top. He is eleven and loves to get to where he is going. He was fine up until we got to the Gem Pool. After that it gets steeper  and he was tired. We did stop at the Cascades/Gorge which he loved. It wasn't to long before we were above tree line and seeing some wonderful views. He likes when we started seeing the piles of rocks. He counted 13 of them before we got to the Lake of the Clouds where we took a break inside and ate.

The Gem Pool

The Gorge

Walking up the path to see Lake of the Clouds Hut and Mt. Monroe

We stayed in the hut for about twenty minutes. They had made some blueberry muffins and brownies so we had each one. The food is good and the price for each item are not bad. It only cost a dollar for each of our items. Plus they had soup for two dollars. After we headed up the path called Monroe Loop which is about .3 miles to the top pf Mt. Monroe. You can do the loop all the way around and connect to Crawford Path but we just went back the way we came up. For his first time doing a large hike he did a great job of keeping to the path and staying safe. I tried to guide he the best I could, I hope he continues to hike well after he leaves our home someday, and knows how to hike safely.
It is always wonderful when I see families hiking together and the children are outdoors. It good for everyone to enjoy nature at it's best!

Lake of the Clouds Hut: The food table it to the right:)

Mt. Washington, Lakes of the Clouds, and Lake of the Clouds Hut when hiking up Mt. Monroe

Me at the top of Mt. Monroe with Mt Washington in the background
The loop path below that also heads to the Hut
This hike is 6.8 miles round trip and took us around 5 and half hours to do. We had a great time and hope that you enjoy your next hiking adventure. Happy hiking:)

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