Monday, December 26, 2011

Crawford Notch Hiking Part 2

Heading up to Bugle Cliff after Elephant head. We went another .6 miles up the main trail called Webster/Jackson Trail and came across a sign that had a little arrow, with a saying on the side about a Cliff View. I knew this had to be Bugle Cliff so we went up the side to check it out. It was so worth the hike up! Amazing Views and so beautiful in the winter months:
This is the sign to Bugle Cliff

Can see the Route302 and mountains

This was such a wonderful view of the mountains

Look in the back and you can see the Washington Hotel with mountains
This hike all together was about 2 miles all together to see both Elephant Head and Bugle Cliff. It was a great winter hike and would recommend it:) Also great for children and dogs as well!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Hiking in Crawford Notch Part 1

Elephant Head
This was a great day for a hike in the White Mountains. The trail that was taken this hiking trip was Webster-Jackson Trail, for it leads to both mountains. The weather was 20 degrees. I decided to take my stepson up the trail to Elephant Head and Beagle Cliff. Now Elephant Head is not far the start of the trail and gives some great views of Crawford Notch. There is parking across the road near the Gateway of the Notch or you can also park also the Saco Lake. I have also parked near the Crawford Notch Depot, there is also a gift shop there if you are a site seeing and want to pick up a item of Crawford Notch and the White Mountains.

There is a sign that you will see when you get to the entrance of the trail. 
This sign is right near the road so you can't miss it. 

The trail was well packed by other hikers, but had some
ice patches in many places.

The sign for Elephant head is very large so you can't miss
the trail that takes you there. It's about .2 miles
from the main trail. Worth seeing!

The views from Elephant Head

We also found this sign:
Does anyone know anything about it?

After we saw the views from Elephant Head, we hiked back and 
went up the main trail some more to Bugle Cliff
which had some beautiful views as well and
I will be posting them soon!:)
Happy Hiking

Friday, December 16, 2011

Crawford Cliff or Bugle Cliff?

I want to take my stepson Snowshoeing this Sunday in Crawford Notch. He enjoys hiking and can go a few miles in the summer, but when it comes to snowshoeing, he gets tired easily. I am hoping that these trails will not be to much for him. One is Crawford Cliff, this is reads on the map that it will take about .8 miles to get to the top of the cliff. Wondering if anyone has done this in winter and feels it would be fine for a ten year old boy to experience. There is also Bugle Cliff, which will go by Elephant Head too. This is about .6 miles, but if I added Elephant Head it would be about 1.2 miles. Has anyone gone this way in winter? Is this a good hike for a young child to do for his first adventure in the White Mountains, in snow? Plus I am hoping to go around Saco lake with him which I think will be fun, it's about .4 miles. Maybe if I do a few small snowshoe hikes, he might want to go up a little higher next time. I would like to take him up a mountain like Mt Willard in due time.
So, if anyone has any insight on these places, please let me know:)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crawford Notch in Snow

This past week, I went through Crawford Notch to do some holiday shopping, along the way, I had to take some pictures to share with everyone all the snow here in the White Mountains. Plus it was a warm day, and many hikers where out on foot, in their winter gear, hiking up the mountains. I even seem a family, with small children ready to hike up Mt. Willard. It was a joy, I wanted to stop and hike myself, but I had some shopping to get down. Hoping to start my winter hiking next weekend.
Here are a few pictures I took along on journey though the Notch:

 I am looking forward to getting some time to
hike around this part, so beautiful:) 
Mt. Washington

 Elephant Head, Bugle Cliff and Mt. Webster
 Hiking? Great place to stop : AMC Highland Center
Saco Lake
Many trails start around here,
great place to do some hiking this winter!

Happy Hiking:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Top Five Hikes I want to do this Winter

I have found a hiking buddy for the Winter!
Very excited about doing some snowshoeing and regular hiking
up a few great White Mountains!
But which ones, I would love to hike them all but Winter
goes by just as fast as Summer.
So, I started to read some of my great books on hiking
and check out my maps.
I asked some other great hikers online and 
these are my top five picks that I would 
like to do this year.

1. Mt Lafayette:
I know this is a large mountain, 
but the hike up is very steady and
would be great for snowshoeing up to the hut.
Hope to do this on a nice winter day, when the
weather is fair and temp is about 32 degrees.
In Franconia Notch

2. Mt. Willard:
It is not a large Mt. so I could take my
stepson as well. Plus we could use snowshoes
to get to the top. I heard the view is so wonderful
with snow in the valley. 
Crawford Notch
3. Tuckerman Ravine:
I have done this one before in the Winter and
it's a great hike up. There are also skiers and
snowboards on the trail as well for the trill
of this place! Fun to watch, when
you get closer to the top.
Pinkham Notch

4. Glen Boulder:
My mom has always wanted to
take me to it, so I think
I will hike it this winter.
Pinkham Notch

5. Mt. Chocorua
Everyone has talked about this mountain
and yet I have not hiked it yet. It's not a 4000footer
but it seems like a great winter hike.
Kancamagus Highway

These were other great winter hikes that were written to me by hikers:

"My one and only snow hike was Crawford path to Mizpah Cutoff to the hut. 
It was gorgeous and for a snow hiking beginner not too difficult. 
Grey Jays eating out of our hands - a highlight! A true winter wonderland!"
 "Pierce is a great 1st Winter 4K - protected in the trees until just before the summit 
and a reward of awesome views. But any of the NH48 can be great on any given day 
depending on the weather and conditions."
 "I think Mt Garfield has one of the best winter views."
  "Mount Liberty is a personal favorite. 
Or come stop by the Harvard Cabin for a warm drink and a snack."
" ...spend a night at Zealand Hut and many 4k's are within reach."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Franconia Notch: Basin and Cannon Mt.

So, after the snow storm New England had a few weeks ago, I went to see how Franconia Notch held up beginning of last week. I love snow, and it seemed that Franconia Notch got some, about 4 to 6 inches in some places. I decided to take my dog for a walk down to the Basin, which surprisingly didn't have as much snow as I thought. The trail was snowy but the water was flowing as normal. Here are a few pictures I took when I went to check out the Basin:
 See, water is flowing

 The Basin
our path was snowy and slushy,
matched my dog!:)

Then I wanted to see Mt. Cannon, so we drive up, parked on the other side, and I took
this shot. I have to say that I love it, the shadows and the snow, 
the way the trees where on both sides on the mountain. So beautiful.
This mountain is one that I want to hike next summer, 
It's about two miles up on the Kinsman Ridge Trail.
I want to see the view near Cannon Cliff.
I bet the views are beautiful from the trail!
Happy Hiking:)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speechless Wednesday - Crawford View and Mt. Washington

Took a drive, wanted to see a few views, always puts a smile on my face
when I see Mt. Washington:) 
Got some great pictures with the moon and the evening sky!

 I would love to live here and have this as my view!
This home is newly built and for sale...

 Such a beautiful sight! I love the moon in the pic:)

From the Mt. Washington Hotel, I love the Presidential Range

Hiking this late fall? Have a happy one!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five White Mountain Pictures and Views

I enjoy hiking and taking pictures along the way. Here are a few of some pictures that I haven't shared yet, that I took this summer along some of my adventures through the White Mountains. Enjoy these wonderful views and pictures that I snapped:)

 I took this beautiful picture when I hiked the Airline at the beginning
of the summer. I just loved the way the valley was behind these rocks/boulders.

This picture was taken at Mt. Madison. I was looking over and saw the valley below.
I thought it was a nice shot!
 This was taken on top of Mt. Willard  of the Willey Range at Crawford Notch.

The lake here is Lonesome lake and I just loved the view from
this side of the lake. 

This is Mt. Washington. I have to say that every time I go by this mountain, no
matter which side of it I am on, I have to take a picture of it!
This side is when traveling through Crawford Notch:)

Happy Hiking!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Speechless Wednesday...Crawford Path

Crawford Path
This is the oldest continuously used path by hikers
in America. It was built by Abel Crawford and his son Ethan in 1819.
I have hiked a piece of this path this year when
heading up to Mt. Washington. 
I hope to hike more of this path next year!
Looking back at the Crawford Path when 
heading up to Mt. Washington!

The Crawford Path and Mt. Monroe
As you can see the Lakes of the Cloud Hut

Happy Hiking:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Favorite Relax/Snack Spots in the White Mountains

While hiking, I can across many amazing spots this summer. I found them to be relaxing and I great place to take a break while hiking in the White Mountains. These spots where not just in one place but, I found a few is different sections of the White Mountains. I wanted to share a few of them with my hiking readers, so if you are hiking up a trail, you would know a place to enjoy a snack and relax for a few.

1. Shining Rock: this rock is found in Franconia Notch. This summer I found myself twice going out on it and relaxing as I enjoyed a beautiful view. The first time, my friend and I came across this place, many hikers where enjoying it. There is a few streams that come down the rock, which makes it shine in the sun. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a snack. You can find the Shining Rock off Falling Waters Trail.
Shining Rock

2. Cascades on Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail: These cascades are so beautiful. They are off the trail, of about .1 miles down but worth going to see. I just loved seeing them. There were a few places to sit and just watch the water flow down mountain. My friend and I, were very happy we took the time to see these cascades. These cascades are found in the Presidential Range, hiking up Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.
The Cascades

3. If you are on your way to see Arethusa Falls, don't forget to check out Coliseum and Bemis Falls as well. I took my mom up to see the tallest waterfall in NH, but at the same time, we went on Bemis Brk. Tr. to see the other falls and loved them. It was also great for my dog, for he got to drink water and relax along the way. They are so amazing to see, I loved the rock formations. It was like someone put slate down to make an ancient site. Next time you are in Crawford Notch, it's a must see and wonderful place to relax and take a break at!
Bemis Falls

4. The Air Line Trail is wonderful. I love it every time I hike up to Mt. Madison. When you get up past the trees, all you have an views! Lots of them. They are all around you and so amazing to look at. I always stop to take pictures and rest. So, if you are ever on the Air Line, take your time, enjoy the views around you and stop to take a break. It's worth it! Can hike the Air Line off of Route 2.
On the Air Line

5. Lake of the Clouds: These are two lakes up near Mt. Washington. They are right next to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut between Mt. Monroe and Mt. Washington. When I have hiked up Mt. Washington, I enjoy seeing these Lakes. They are very beautiful and still. Very relaxing to sit next to and enjoy the view of the valley below. The second lake on the way up has the most beautiful view of Mt. Washington and Ammonoosuc Ravine. 
Lakes of the Clouds..lake 2

6. One other place I enjoy relaxing by is Lonesome lake. This lake is so beautiful and has some wonderful views of the mountains near by. I have seen hikers also swimming in the lake and have a spot with tables to eat at. There are five different trails that lead to Lonesome lake so it's a great resting spot. Can find this lake in Franconia Notch.
Lonesome Lake

Well, here is just a few spots I enjoy relaxing at while hiking
in the White Mountains.
Happy Hiking:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

The 4000 Footer Club...With PICTURES:)

The 4000 Footer Club

So, on my way through the Franconia Ridge Trail, we meet a guy who is in the
4000 Footer Club. I have heard of this club before and have already started
writing the dates down in my book of the mountains I hike. He had already
done all the 4000 footers! I was so impressed! 
To be part of the 4000 footer club, one needs to hike all 48 peaks in the White
Mountains, 14 peaks in Maine and 5 in Vermont.
This year I hiked many places but I only got to hike 5 of the 4000 footers,
next year I hope to double that number and hike ten. 
Though its hard because I always enjoy my hikes and 
want to do some of my favorite mountains every year. 
I really enjoy hiking hiking Mt. Washington, Mt. Madison, and Mt. Liberty.
I know I have to adventure out and start doing some new mountains
next year, I am very excited about this thought! 
I hiked four of the larger mountains this year, all being over 5000!
Lets check them out!

 Mt. Washington 6288ft
Mt Lafayette 5260ft
Mt. Lincoln 5089ft
Mt. Madison 5367ft
and also..
Mt. Liberty 4459ft

I am hoping next year to hike Mt. Adams and Mt. Monroe 
and add them to my list.
...Plus a few others which I will be looking over during this winter.
Already excited about next late spring.
Happy Hiking:)
This winter I will be snowshoeing, XCountry skiing, and skiing in the
White Mountains so be looking out for some posts on those!
Plus more on hiking here, I sometimes go up Tuckerman Ravine
when there is snow to see the skiers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Speechless Wednesday..Mt. Lincoln

Speechless Wednesday ... Mt. Lincoln

I know its Tuesday but I will be very busy tomorrow so 
wanted to up these pics up now!

I will be honest, I wasn't sure when I was really on Mt. Lincoln, 
It's located between Mt. Lafayette and Little Haystack but there is no
sign that lets you know that you are on it! So, we noticed looking back as
we walked the Franconia Ridge that we were on Mt. Lincoln! 

 climbing around :)
 Mt. Lincoln from the Franconia Ridge Trail
Mt. Lincoln from Little Haystack

Happy Hiking:)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Franconia Ridge: Mt. Lafayette Part 2

Mt. Lafayette Part 2

So, I ended with reaching Greenleaf Hut. 
It was a very nice hut, there were other hikers around and inside the hut. 
Most of the hikers showed up as we were leaving so I am sure it was 
even more crowded inside and around.
Here is a pictures of the Greenleaf Hut:
Remember that if you want to stay at the hut
you need to make reservations ahead of time!

 Here is the Hut before it got to crowded (morning)
Inside the Hut when we arrived there for a snack break and relax.

After we were down eating our snacks and resting, 
we got up and headed out. We started on the Greenleaf Trail.
This trail takes you to Mt. Lafayette. It is 1.1 miles. 
The trail is rocky, no trees and views all the way up!
It is very windy once above treeline so you need 
a jacket/windbreaker to keep warm.
Here are a few pics of the trail up:

This was taken about half way up the trail...
...and as we were going up, many hikers were coming down. 
It was close to 1:30 when we reached the top of Mt. Lafayette.

When we reached the top, there is a trail sign.
There were still many hikers out, talked with a few.
I enjoy meeting new people along my travels.

I love the markers. I always have to take pictures of them.
This one is on top of Mt. Lafayette.
We then eat again, and sat where it wasn't windy.
It was great just looking at the views of the mountains
around us. I always have a hard time leaving when I
get on top of mountain. But I was excited to hike the Ridge.
So, then we headed out again along the Franconia Ridge, 
here is a picture of me with Mt. Lafayette behind me!

Happy Hiking:)

Next part will be the Franconia Ridge and Mt. Lincoln
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