Friday, December 16, 2011

Crawford Cliff or Bugle Cliff?

I want to take my stepson Snowshoeing this Sunday in Crawford Notch. He enjoys hiking and can go a few miles in the summer, but when it comes to snowshoeing, he gets tired easily. I am hoping that these trails will not be to much for him. One is Crawford Cliff, this is reads on the map that it will take about .8 miles to get to the top of the cliff. Wondering if anyone has done this in winter and feels it would be fine for a ten year old boy to experience. There is also Bugle Cliff, which will go by Elephant Head too. This is about .6 miles, but if I added Elephant Head it would be about 1.2 miles. Has anyone gone this way in winter? Is this a good hike for a young child to do for his first adventure in the White Mountains, in snow? Plus I am hoping to go around Saco lake with him which I think will be fun, it's about .4 miles. Maybe if I do a few small snowshoe hikes, he might want to go up a little higher next time. I would like to take him up a mountain like Mt Willard in due time.
So, if anyone has any insight on these places, please let me know:)

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