Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 5 Great Hikes in the White Mountains

After hiking around the White Mountains and having some of my friends how me some of their amazing hikes here. I have come up with some great hikes. These hikes are for those that can stand a long time on their feet and be ready for a grand adventure!

Number 5 Mt. Chocorua
This hike starts on the east side of the Kancamagus Highway. The Trail to start on is the Champney Falls Trail which is 3.6 miles up which you will pass the Champney Falls. You continue near the three sisters still on the Champney Falls Trail until you get to the top of Mt. Chocorua. The mountain is 3475' above sea level. I have heard the view is amazing!

Number 4 Mt. Jackson
This hike starts on Rt 305 in the Crawford Notch near Soca Lake. This is also where the AMC Highland Center is as well. The Trail is called Webster-Jackson Trail because it leads to both mountains. about 1.4 miles up it turns to two trails, one being Jackson Branch. Follow that trail 1.2 miles until you reach the top pf Mt. Jackson. This mountain is 4052' above sea level. Beautiful views, can see Mt. Washington and the Mt. Washington hotel too!

Number 3 Mt. Liberty
This is such a lovely hike. It's in Franconia Notch and you start hiking near the Flumes. You pretty much stay on the same trial much of the way up called Liberty Springs Trail. There is a tenting site and a stop where you can get fresh water on the way up. Then at the top you will connect with Franconia Ridge Trail for .3 miles and then you will see the views! Amazing! I could see all the way around standing in one spot! This mountain is 4328' above sea level.

Number 2 Mt. Madison
If you are looking for a rocky climb, then this is the mountain for you! It starts on Rt2. There is a place to park, always full of cars. Everyone loves hiking here! There are many trails to pick from to climb up or down. Most pick between Air Line and Valley Way. Both will lead you to the AMC Madison Spring Hut from there you hike on the Osgood Trail until you reach the top. It's very windy but lovely views. On the way back down there is a lovely lake near by to see called Star lake. Mt. Madison is 5366' above sea level.

Number 1 Mt. Washington
This has to be my favorite mountain to hike. I can't wait to hike back up it again this year. There are so many ways to get to the top of this mountain. I enjoy taking the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail for it leads to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut. This hut is very nice instead and you get to see the Lake of the Clouds! Then follow up to Crawford Path that leads to the top! Mt. Washington is 6288' above sea level.

Always make sure the weather is good for hiking before you start you hike. Weather changes very quickly when you are up high and without tree coverage. Drink lots of water for you on your adventures and stay safe!
 Happy Hiking!:)


  1. Great list! Awesome pictures.
    Have you climbed Mt. Lafayette/Lincoln ?
    They didn't make the cut for this list. That loop is one of the best hikes in the presidential range.

  2. haha..It's funny that you would mention that...my friend and I just hiked up there last Thursday. I just haveb't had time to get my pictures up. I went up Little Haystack. I saw Mt. Lincoln but didn't have time to go over there. We plan on doing the loop and stay over night next year! It is a great hike..pics will go up soon!!! Promise!


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