Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liberty Peak

Last summer, I wanted to go hiking in Franconia Notch. It was a beautiful partly cloudy day. The temperature was around 75 degrees starting at the bottom. I have hiked in Franconia Notch before and this time wanted to try a new trail out. We went up Liberty Spring Trail. This trail leads to the top pf Mount Liberty. Mount Liberty's height is 4459ft above sea level. The trail up started off flat, but soon got steeper. Much of the path was climbing rocks up until we got to Liberty Spring Tentsite. Here people who want to camp up on the mountain can stay. There is also a lovely spring with fresh mountain water. We filled up our water bottles and continued to the top. After a little while, we reached Franconia Ridge Trail which we turned right on and lead us right to the top of Mount Liberty. The view was amazing. We saw from three different sides of the Mountain. We eat lunch up above on a large rock and enjoyed the views. Then we decided to go back down the way we came. The Hike as a whole was about six hours. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to reach the top of Mount Liberty and it was worth it for the views. If you climb the mountain, do it on a day where it's not to cloudy so you can see every wheres!
This is me to top of Mount Liberty. This is just one side where the view was amazing! It is so worth the climb!
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