Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Haunted Trails I want to hike this Spring/Summer

1. Coppermine Trail

I have always loved the story of Betty Davis meeting her husband, Arthur Farnsworth on this trailback in the summer of 1939. She was lost and he found her. It's that love story of boy saves girl and marries her. But it has a sad twist, which is when he falls on the sidewalk "dead" and Betty is accused of killing him. Later a plaque appears on the trail which reads "The Keeper of Stray Ladies" No one knows who put the plaque but many believe it was Betty Davis herself. The Trail is located off Easton Rd 116, on Coppermine Rd. The Coppermine trail is 2.1 miles and leads to Bridal Veil Falls. If headed near Framconia Notch, check out this trail.

2. Nancy Pond Trail

Nancy Barton was a girl in love, so much in love that she followed her lover's tracks through the cold snow in the dead of winter. Nancy was to marry Jim but Jim left one day without word to war with his brother. Nancy followed his trail but dead at the ponds where she was later found frozen. The trail is named after her and located in Crawford Notch. The trail is called Nancy Pond Trail and it is believed that when she was found she was buried by the pond. Some who have trailed the trail have heard her cries. I am hoping to travel along this trail this summer and see the ponds for myself. The trail is about 4 miles of beautiful nature!

3. Nineteen Mile Brook Trail

 Has anyone seen Red Mac? He was once the watcher for Carter Notch Hut starting in 1916. He worked at the hut for many many years and later when he pasted away, they say he still watches over the Hut. Weird things happen at the hut to this day, some say that you can see Red Mac's lantern shining in the night over by the hut. He still watches over the place. Carter Hut is located in Pinkham Notch. The Nineteen Mile Brook Trail is 3.6 miles to the hut, and worth the trip. I have gone up the trail to Carter Notch Hut a few years ago and I had felt like I was being watched the whole time when I got close to the hut, every eery feeling. The weird part is that I didn't know this story at the time, but now it makes a little sense, so I want to travel up to the Hut again.

Have a Happy Spring Hiking Season and if you head to these places, enjoy the Haunts of the White Mountains!

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