Friday, April 27, 2012

Trail Report : Mt. Willard and the cascades

Last Thursday and Friday I stayed at the AMC Highland center in Crawford Notch. It was a wonderful stay and I got to go out on some of the trails. Two trails I explored were Mt. Willard Trail and Avalon Trail. If you are looking to hike these trails, they are mostly cleared. There are a few snow patches, and a little ice. The stream to over Mt. Willard Trail is over flowing due to melting so the trail is a little hard to find at the bottom. The view at the top of Mt. Willard is stunning as always. I enjoyed seeing both Beeches and Pearl Cascade, for they are so lovely with the water flowing so rapidly.
Here are some pics I took of these adventures. These places are great also to take children too. The hikes are fun and not difficult. Happy Hiking:)

 This is Beeches Cascade which is on the cascade loop.
The loop is about a mile all the way around.
Great trail for children to explore.

 This is Pearl cascade which is on the cascade loop.

This is the view from top of Mt. Willard. You can see the Valley and mountains on both sides. It was a great day for a hike up that morning. We started around 9:00 am and made it to the top by 11:00 am with a fw small stops along the way for the kids to have a break. The weather was a little chilly on top but all was needed was a windbreaker. Great place to have lunch, which we did and enjoyed the view. The trail is 1.6 miles to the top. Great for children to hike up!

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