Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to AMC Highland Center, Crawford Notch

Last week on Thursday, I got to stay with a group of children and adults from our SpringBreak Camp at the AMC Highland Center. We got feed some amazing food (dinner was not kids friendly) but it was delicious. Plus we had guides that brought us on nature hikes which I will be writing about in my next post. This post is all about the AMC highland Center and what a great place to stay at when hiking in the Crawford Notch area. I enjoyed it so much that I am hoping to stay there again soon. The rooms were wonderful, the staff was friendly and helpful and the food was great!
Our door
First I want to start with the rooms. Each room is a little different. Me and two staff members stayed in one room called Paper Birch, so inside our room where pictures of birch trees and facts about them on our walls. Each room had it's own theme which was awesome, so you don't need to not know your room number bu you can go by what your room is called.
Also in the rooms are bunk-beds. In our room we had two of them. Plus they gave towels and a small dresser. I loved the view from the window, for I could see Mt. Willard, Lake Saco and Elephant Head.
 The beds were clean and they had very soft pillows. I can say though that the walls are thin, but most everyone is quiet. The quiet time is 9:00pm to 7:00am. Everyone was quiet except our kids, they were a little excited about sleeping at the center that it was hard for them to sleep.
Our room
The bathroom was down the hall for our room was the first in the suite. The bathroom was very clean with three sinks, three stalls and three showers. One shower was much larger then the other two.
The Suite was large, and outside our suite was a library with many books on the White Mountains, Hiking and more. You can visit the library at any time. I saw many visitors in the library checking out books and reading about the white mountains. Plus I saw maps to view if you wanted to check out trails in the region.
The lounge
 We also had three meals at the AMC in their cafe which was beautiful. You can served dinner at night about 6:00pm. The food was amazing. We started with salad and homemade bread ( the bread had seeds). The next was chicken and mushroom/spinach stuffing for the main meal, also rice with spinach and beans with carrots. After as the best...chocolate cake! The kids loved that, it had a thin layer of icing on top, not to sweet, it was perfect!
Breakfast was a buffet. You could go up and get anything you wanted. They had different milks and juices. They had coffee and tea. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, potato bits, pancakes, french toast, fruit, corn meal and more.
For Lunch we went hiking so they gave us a packed lunch. This was because we were a group from a club. They have many choices for lunch at the cafe when staying as a guest.
The new playground
At the AMC Highland Center, they have special rooms for clubs and big groups. They have a lovely lounge and also kids game room. They have a gift shop with great books to buy about hiking and maps of the mountains in the area. Also...going to be new at the AMC Highland Center is a play ground for kids to explore. I watched they build it from afar and it looked amazing. It is being made with trees and stones.  I am hoping to get to go in it myself. It should be ready in the next few months for this summer.
This is a great place to stay if you are hiking around the Crawford Notch area. So many wonderful hikes here that you will not be disappointed.

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