Friday, October 7, 2011

Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch

Arethusa Falls

Arethusa Falls is the highest waterfall in New Hampshire. It's approx. height is 176ft. There are a few way to get to the falls. I was with my mother on this hiking trip, so you got off of Route 302 at the parking near Arethusa Falls Trail. At the parking site they do ask for donations, you just put the amount you
would like to give in an envelope. 
Now when you start the trail you can head straight up to the Arethusa Falls, or you can take a small side trail called Bemis Brook Trail. This trail will then meet up again with Arethusa Falls Trail. On this small trail you can see the Fawn Pool, Bemis Falls, and Coliseum Falls. Then its a straight up hill hike to meet with Arethusa Falls. The trail itself was not to hard, you can tell that many people hike this trail to see the falls. There are a few small foot bridges and foot path is wide. It's about 1.5 miles to get to Arethusa Falls, but it is worth the hike. It's so beautiful. I just loved the pictures I took along the way to the falls and the fall itself.

 The Trail sign that lets you know which way to go, 
Bemis Brook Trail or to the Arethusa Falls

 This was the Bemis falls, I loved it! The place looked like ancient ruins.

 The rocks where like slate and went in a curve with the water
flowing in the middle. It was beautiful.

This picture just didn't do the place justice at all. It is amazing 
close up. This is the Bemis Falls.

 This is Coliseum Falls. Again slate walls, and pools...beautiful!

 Arethusa Falls Trail has nice small walk bridges and stairs in some places.

This is Arethusa Falls. So breathtaking when you are up close and
can see it with your own eyes. I would recommend that if you have
sometime and near the Crawford Notch area, check this Fall out!

Can we say "Muddy Trail...."

Happy Hiking:)

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