Friday, October 14, 2011

Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head) Fraconia Notch

Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head)

I really wanted to hike this mountain for two reasons. First that there are stories about UFO sighting and that the first alien abduction ever heard of happened right there! Second is that my parents went for their honeymoon in the area when they had gotten married. So I asked them if they wanted to go back and hike the trails with me. My mom can but sadly my father had already made plans to go fishing. I also took along my husband, stepson and our dog Stitch! The hike was a good steady uphill. The paths were muddy in some places but the path itself was nice. Of course it gets stepper as you get closer to the top. Mt. Pemigewasset is 2557 feet, and for someone who hikes a lot I didn't find this hike hard. My mom had to make a few stops but that was about it, to just relax. Now, when you do get to the top, the cliff can be a little scary to some people. I recommend having your dog on a leash when you get to the top. I have heard that I guy had almost lost his dog off the cliff, because it was chasing a squirrel. The view is beautiful. You can walk around and see different views. The hike itself was 4 miles long. We took the Indian Head Trail to get to and off the mountain. There is a parking place to park your car at the bottom near the Indian Head Resort.
Here are a few pictures of the hike:
If you see this sign at the beginning of the trail, then you at the right spot!

There are some large boulders that were dropped on the ice that had went 
through millions of years ago. My stepson loved climbing them!

The Cliff on top of the mountain, amazing views all around!

You can see Mt. Liberty and Mt. Flume from the Indian Head

Hope you enjoyed the Post and Happy Hiking:)

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