Monday, October 17, 2011

The Franconia Ridge -BucketList- crossed off Part1

The Franconia Ridge

I have always wanted to hike the Ridge for years. I think my first hike up one of the mountains (Little Haystack) back in 2004 and saw the ridge. From then on, I wanted to hike across this beautiful ridge, but I didn't want to go alone. This year I made friends with someone who wanted to hike this Ridge as well, and we had planned for a month now that we were going to hike this ridge before winter set in. On Oct. 10th, we we set to this adventure in the white mountains. I was so excited that I missed Lafayette Place parking, I had to go all the way around to try again, this time not missing the turn. 
We headed up a path that lead to this sign:
This sign is at the head of the Trail we started up .2miles which then splits by a small bridge. We went up the Old Bridle Path to get to GreenLeaf Hut. GreenLeaf Hut was 2.7 miles after the split near a small bridge.

Heading up the Old Bridge Path was easy at the start for about a mile or so, then after you make the corner near the Walker Cascades it starts to become a steeper hike. Though I would say that I found this trail to be a nice trail to hike up, very open and not rocky. After another .7 miles is when we could start seeing views. There were many stops along the way to the Hut where we found ourselves stopping and taking pictures. Here are a few of those pictures:
 Our first view on the Trail...I loved seeing the clouds roll over the mountains

 I had to take a picture of the Ridge we were going up,
the green arrow is the way
we are going to get to the Hut

 The view of Cannon Mountain (Cliff) from the Trail

I love this picture. This group was always near us along our adventure.
We called them the sixteen candles,
for the group had sixteen people and theblasted through the trails.
What a great view to stop and take a break at though:)

After trailing the Old Bridle Path for more then two hours, we came upon the GreenLeaf Hut. It was near a lake called Eagle Lake. This is the hut as we came upon it:

Happy Hiking
Next Blog: The GreenLeaf Hut, Greenleaf Trail and Mt. Lafayette

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