Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trail Report: Georgiana Falls

So, as we were trailing through Lincoln, we noticed on our map a trail for Georgiana Falls. There is a two falls, Georgiana and the Upper Georgiana. The trail is 1.2 miles, but the end to the upper Georgiana Falls was a little scary. I had my eleven year old step son and didn't want to him to fall of the cliffs. Yes, at one point you are walking right near the edge and it was a long ways down.

The parking was hard to find, there is no sign you are even at the falls until you are on the trail. You park at the end of a street, and go under the highway, after that you see the signs. The road that leads to parking is not far from Whale's Tale. The hike took us about 2.5 hours, since we sat at the top of awhile. It was beautiful when you reach the upper falls, you are so close.

The Georgiana Falls

This picture shows the Upper Falls, and we are on the cliff. The rock in front is right at the edge. There is a ledge you can't see but we are at the top looking over and down. And its a long ways down, glad there is a rock in front of us.

If you are in the Lincoln area, I recommend this lovely small hike. It was worth hiking up!
Happy Hiking :)


  1. I LOVE this hike!! I only found it from reading other people's blogs. The "Upper Georgiana" is actually called Harvard Falls. It looks different than what I saw. I remember being able to look straight down (following the water flow). It was hard to get up to that point because the trail wasn't well marked at all!

  2. really Harvard Falls? on my map it was called Upper Georgiana...interesting...have to look it up now.

  3. http://www.newenglandwaterfalls.com/waterfall.php?name=Georgiana%20Falls

    I guess some maps/people call in Harvard, some call it Upper Georgiana. I call it Harvard Falls because that's how I first heard of it! :)


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