Sunday, June 30, 2013

Putting the Old Man back on the Mountain!

 He's Back! The Old Man is back in a unique way, YOU put the Old Man back on the Mountain...How, you ask? Well like this...

 You stand on your height, there are feet to stand on and look up! you will see this....

 Looks very much like the Old Man! This opened up a few years ago but now they are opening a gift shop for those that want to take something of the White Mountains home with them. I haven't been in the gift shop, it was still in the works when I visited the site in Franconia Notch, But it's opened now! Opened up on June 29th of this check it out and get yourself a little something to remember the Old Man by!

Great place to stop if you are site seeing, traveling or hiking in Franconia Notch!
Happy Hiking Everyone!

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