Monday, September 19, 2011

Mt. Liberty (Liberty Springs Tentsite) Franconia Notch

Liberty Springs Tentsite in Franconia Notch

We went up to Mt. Liberty little over a week ago and came across the Liberty Springs Tentsite,
on our way up Liberty Springs Trail. I enjoyed seeing the tentsite and now hoping to have my
first overnight next year with my friend at this site. It was great and only $8.00 per night during the season for each person. They have a Site Watcher, a place to get fresh spring water and different sites. When staying here they have an Outhouse for use. There are Group and singles camp sites. 
I really hope that I do get to stay over night next year!
Here are some pics of the tentsite!

You will see the Tentsite Watcher first when you come up the trail

Here are the Tentsites and where they are located

This is where you can get fresh water to drink and 
fill up on the way to Mt. Liberty

Here are the Group tentsites, the singles are in the back

Great place to stay and wake up to continue on an Outdoors Adventure!:)

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