Friday, September 30, 2011

Bald Mt and Artist's Bluff in Franconia Notch

Bald Mt and Artist's Bluff 
For my Stepson's School Project, he wanted to do a hiking trip where he took the pictures. We checked out the maps and decided to go on the Bald Mt. and Artist's Bluff Adventure. If you want to do the Loop it's about 1 and 1/2 mile. We went back the way we came so it took us a little longer, about 2 miles in all. To get to this adventure, you need to get off Exit 34C in Franconia Notch, there are two different places to park on the side of the road on Route 18. We started near Bald Mt. We hiked up it first which was about .4 from where we started, the hike was easy, there were some steep parts when you get closer to the top. Young children should be very careful. Here is some pictures my stepson took:
This would be the steepest part of the hike up Bald Mt. 
Of course, our dog Stitch had the easiest time getting up there!

 Here we can see some of Franconia Notch and Cannon Mt.

Looking this way, we could see Mittersill Alpine Village and beautiful valley

After we had a snack, we headed back down. We then followed Bald Mt Artist's Bluff Path over to Artist's Bluff. This trail is easy and about .6 miles long. There is also a boulder that you can climb to see a view on the trail which my stepson loved. He loves to climb! I also climbed up it to see the view with Stitch our dog. 
Here is picture my stepson took when we made it over to Artist's Bluff:

You can see the Eagle's Cliff and the Highway 93 

Here is a picture I took of my stepson with a view behind him:
Behind him is Echo Lake and Cannon Mtn. 

After we stayed and look at the views around us, we went back the same way we came up. The adventure took us about three hours to do, and was very enjoyable. If you are up this way, you should check out this really easy and fun loop. Great for children and dogs!
Happy Hiking:)

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