Monday, April 8, 2013

Arethusa Falls Crawford Notch, White Mountains

A Half Frozen Arethusa Falls
 Arethusa Falls, 1.5 miles up the trail off of Route 302. Great place for a starter hike to kick off my hiking season. The fall was beautiful peaking through the snow.

A Close Up to the Falls, the water was hitting me as I snapped the picture.
 Loved how close up I was able to get with the snow still packed on the ground and the thick ice underneath. Probably won't be like that much longer with the nice weather coming up.

 This picture is of my friend close to the falls. She went to get a picture of water rushing down under the snow, in the small open section. You can see her in the distance. It was awesome on how close one could get to the fall this time of year. In the summer, I can only get to the log that is going across at the bottom of the picture.

MT. WASHINGTON with snow on a bright sunny spring day!

Mt. Washington And Hotel

Closer picture of Mt. Washington
The Mt. Washington Hotel is getting a face lift right now. They have been working on the outside of the hotel and heard also fixing some of the inside as well.

Happy Hiking!
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