Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventures on Mt. Avalon in Crawford Notch

I have now hiked up to Mt. Avalon twice. Once in early spring with snow still three feet high and now in early summer. Both have been enjoyable, though this time I didn't have to worry so much about ice in the steep parts. The trail to hike in the Avalon Trail and it trails up 1.3 miles before turning left another .5 miles to Mt. Avalon.
 The view is amazing! You can see Mt. Washington in the distance and on the other side the valley of Crawford Notch. I was very happy it was a sunny day and could see all over. There are boulders to sit and eat lunch as you glance around. Hiking was a round trip of about five hours with time to eat lunch and take pictures. If you haven't hiked Mt. Avalon, I would say put it on your To-do list for hikes in the White Mountains. Park below near the Crawford Depot.

Here are a few pictures of the adventure:

Mt. Washington in the distance

Crawford Notch Valley

Climbing up the boulders we ate on at the top

A small acquaintance we hiked into a long the path

Happy Hiking and enjoy the views this summer!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Aerial Tramway to the Summit of Cannon Mountain and Rim Trail

If you haven't been to Franconia Notch State Park and want to visit this summer, you might enjoy a trip up Cannon Mountain on the Aerial Tramway. The Tram runs from 8:00am and to 4:00pm. I enjoy going in the morning and when it's quiet. So this year I visited the tram in early June. The weather was fair, sunny and cool on top of the mountain. The views were beautiful and I enjoyed walking along the Rim Trail on top which is part of the Kinsman Ridge Trail. The trail takes visitors to the tower which is set high to give you a 360 view of the area. It's well worth the $16.00 dollars to ride as an adult. You can see stunning views from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York and Canada on a perfect sunny day. I wanted to show a few pictures of my adventure this year up the mountain.

Leaving the station on the tram

The view of Echo Lake from the Tram

View of Eagle Cliff

The view of Fanconia Notch State Park and Parkway

One of the many views from the Tower

Another breathtaking view from the Tower

The Tram coming up to the summit
 There are two Trams, one being yellow called "Mustard" and the other one red called "Ketchup". One shown in the picture above is Ketchup. Both are the same, just different colors. The ride up has some swinging at the poles but the ride down in smooth. Great visit.

Happy Hiking and Visiting the White Mountains of NH!
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