Monday, December 26, 2011

Crawford Notch Hiking Part 2

Heading up to Bugle Cliff after Elephant head. We went another .6 miles up the main trail called Webster/Jackson Trail and came across a sign that had a little arrow, with a saying on the side about a Cliff View. I knew this had to be Bugle Cliff so we went up the side to check it out. It was so worth the hike up! Amazing Views and so beautiful in the winter months:
This is the sign to Bugle Cliff

Can see the Route302 and mountains

This was such a wonderful view of the mountains

Look in the back and you can see the Washington Hotel with mountains
This hike all together was about 2 miles all together to see both Elephant Head and Bugle Cliff. It was a great winter hike and would recommend it:) Also great for children and dogs as well!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Hiking in Crawford Notch Part 1

Elephant Head
This was a great day for a hike in the White Mountains. The trail that was taken this hiking trip was Webster-Jackson Trail, for it leads to both mountains. The weather was 20 degrees. I decided to take my stepson up the trail to Elephant Head and Beagle Cliff. Now Elephant Head is not far the start of the trail and gives some great views of Crawford Notch. There is parking across the road near the Gateway of the Notch or you can also park also the Saco Lake. I have also parked near the Crawford Notch Depot, there is also a gift shop there if you are a site seeing and want to pick up a item of Crawford Notch and the White Mountains.

There is a sign that you will see when you get to the entrance of the trail. 
This sign is right near the road so you can't miss it. 

The trail was well packed by other hikers, but had some
ice patches in many places.

The sign for Elephant head is very large so you can't miss
the trail that takes you there. It's about .2 miles
from the main trail. Worth seeing!

The views from Elephant Head

We also found this sign:
Does anyone know anything about it?

After we saw the views from Elephant Head, we hiked back and 
went up the main trail some more to Bugle Cliff
which had some beautiful views as well and
I will be posting them soon!:)
Happy Hiking

Friday, December 16, 2011

Crawford Cliff or Bugle Cliff?

I want to take my stepson Snowshoeing this Sunday in Crawford Notch. He enjoys hiking and can go a few miles in the summer, but when it comes to snowshoeing, he gets tired easily. I am hoping that these trails will not be to much for him. One is Crawford Cliff, this is reads on the map that it will take about .8 miles to get to the top of the cliff. Wondering if anyone has done this in winter and feels it would be fine for a ten year old boy to experience. There is also Bugle Cliff, which will go by Elephant Head too. This is about .6 miles, but if I added Elephant Head it would be about 1.2 miles. Has anyone gone this way in winter? Is this a good hike for a young child to do for his first adventure in the White Mountains, in snow? Plus I am hoping to go around Saco lake with him which I think will be fun, it's about .4 miles. Maybe if I do a few small snowshoe hikes, he might want to go up a little higher next time. I would like to take him up a mountain like Mt Willard in due time.
So, if anyone has any insight on these places, please let me know:)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crawford Notch in Snow

This past week, I went through Crawford Notch to do some holiday shopping, along the way, I had to take some pictures to share with everyone all the snow here in the White Mountains. Plus it was a warm day, and many hikers where out on foot, in their winter gear, hiking up the mountains. I even seem a family, with small children ready to hike up Mt. Willard. It was a joy, I wanted to stop and hike myself, but I had some shopping to get down. Hoping to start my winter hiking next weekend.
Here are a few pictures I took along on journey though the Notch:

 I am looking forward to getting some time to
hike around this part, so beautiful:) 
Mt. Washington

 Elephant Head, Bugle Cliff and Mt. Webster
 Hiking? Great place to stop : AMC Highland Center
Saco Lake
Many trails start around here,
great place to do some hiking this winter!

Happy Hiking:)
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