Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Hiking in Crawford Notch Part 1

Elephant Head
This was a great day for a hike in the White Mountains. The trail that was taken this hiking trip was Webster-Jackson Trail, for it leads to both mountains. The weather was 20 degrees. I decided to take my stepson up the trail to Elephant Head and Beagle Cliff. Now Elephant Head is not far the start of the trail and gives some great views of Crawford Notch. There is parking across the road near the Gateway of the Notch or you can also park also the Saco Lake. I have also parked near the Crawford Notch Depot, there is also a gift shop there if you are a site seeing and want to pick up a item of Crawford Notch and the White Mountains.

There is a sign that you will see when you get to the entrance of the trail. 
This sign is right near the road so you can't miss it. 

The trail was well packed by other hikers, but had some
ice patches in many places.

The sign for Elephant head is very large so you can't miss
the trail that takes you there. It's about .2 miles
from the main trail. Worth seeing!

The views from Elephant Head

We also found this sign:
Does anyone know anything about it?

After we saw the views from Elephant Head, we hiked back and 
went up the main trail some more to Bugle Cliff
which had some beautiful views as well and
I will be posting them soon!:)
Happy Hiking

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