Monday, July 4, 2011

Mt. Washington...part 2

I ended with my friend and I starting our hike up Crawford Path. The wind started to pick up, by now it started blowing almost through us. I would say it was about 30 miles per hour. The temp went down to almost 40 degrees and it was raining harder. About halfway up this path everything got worse, plus the fog was so thick that we couldn't see the trail or the top of Mt. Washington. All we could see were the steps ahead of us and the next rock hill to follow. I would have to say that we got to the point were we were about 0.6 miles from the top did I get very nervous. The wind was getting stronger, about 40 miles per hour, the rain was more like hail and the temp was 35 degrees. At one point, my friends poncho went over his head, which made me laugh, but he could get it back down for the wind was so strong. We were very nervous about getting to the top safely, but we were so close! The wind kept pushing us back, the hail started to hurt! My legs were so tired and I was soak through my clothes. The fog was so hard to see through, I just wanted to get to the top! I remember when we got to the top, we didn't know we were near the building until we were right upon it! We touched the wall and then noticed through the fog that it was the building! We were excited, but cold, wet and tired. We go inside and there were lots of people trying to get warm besides us. We eat and bought some warm pullovers. I got one that said I climbed Mt. Washington! But then over the speakers, they said that the weather was so bad that they were closing the auto road, so everyone had to leave and that hikers had to hike to AMC hut and stay there over night, or go down the Cog. We decided to go down the Cog. It was fun but scary because the Fog was so thick you couldn't see anything. What an adventure! One of the scariest but still amazingly fun! I would do it again...hopefully this summer! I can see how this mountain took many lives, it can be very dangerous to hike when the weather turns on you!

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