Thursday, July 28, 2011

THREE Great Haunted Trails to check out!

I have been so some pretty cool trail in the White Mountains, but never knew how many how stories with them. It gets me even more excited to go on these hikes to step where someone once stood that had disappeared or died at with a story to tell. Here are a few great places to hike if you are up for an adventure with a twist!

Number three: The Willey Family Tragedy
I have lived up here in the White Mountains since I as born and have listened to this tragedy many times. Nine people killed from a landslide. Sam Willey and his family plus two hired help all here killed. The crazy part is that they left their house thinking that it was best to run. The house never got touched from the slide and yet all nine people where found dead not far from their home in the slide. There is a Willey Historic House Site that is opened year round in Crawford Notch. Sadly their house doesn't stand anymore, but there is a trail called Sam Willey Loop which is 1.0 miles and takes less then an hour to do, or if you are up for more of an adventure, you can Hike up Webster Cliffs which is 3.3 miles to the summit and have amazing views!

Number two: The Keeper of Stray Ladies
Betty Davis was a very famous actress back in the 30's and 40's. She also loved getting away in New Hampshire. She loved being in Sugar Hill. Betty was very adventurous and would set out on trails. She was hiking up Coppermine Trail and found herself lost. She was found by a man that soon she fell in love with and married. Only to later be blamed for his death, which she then confessed to doing...well, not killing him but hitting him with an iron lamp which later he died from. Strangely on this trail a sign appeared that read " The Keeper of Stray Ladies." They say Betty Davis placed it there. Can check out this plaque by hiking up Coppermine Rd and trail which takes about 2 hours and 2.5 miles long and also see the Bridal Veil Falls.

Number One: Haunted Huts on the Highest Peaks
I have done this hike up Mt. Washington. I have been told that 130 lost souls are still up on these peaks. many go out in weather that turn ugly and ever seen again. This story is about two men that tried to make it to the top of Mt. Washington but sadly never made it. Both died by the storm that was near the summit. One passed away where the Lakes of the Clouds Hut stands and the other was almost on top where he could have found shelter a few yards away. Now, Lakes of the Cloud Hut was built from those that need shelter when heading up this mountain.
Remember to always stay on the trails!!!! It is very easy to get lost. I have known people who saw something is a distance and then got lost by going off the trail, taking an hour or more to find the trail again! Always be safe when heading up this mountain.You don't want to become a lost soul yourself! Live to tell your tale! This hike is about 3.1 miles one way so give yourself a day to hike up and down this mountain. The views are so worth it, so beautiful!

Happy Hiking!!!:)

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