Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking up Lonesome Lake Trail

Last week I went up to Lonesome lake, taking my nephew and new dog. We decided to hike up Lonesome Lake Trail to get to the Lake. I have never gone this way before but it was a wonderful hike up. My dog loved the hike as well. It wasn't very rocky which made it great for dogs. The trail itself is about 1.2 miles and then you can go around the lake which is another .8 miles. We hiked over to Lonesome Lake Hut which was pack full of hikers. Some hikers were also enjoying themselves by the lake. There was music and it seemed everyone was having a great day, plus the weather was perfect! Here are some pics I got of our hike up!
The Sign when we got to the Lake...1.2 miles back to Lafayette Place Campground!

The view when we got to the lake, can see the Hut in the distance.

My dog was loving the hike and enjoyed being near the lake!
Take your dog...they will love it!!

The Lonesome Lake Hut! It was crowded with hiker.
Everyone having a great time!

Lots of hiker hanging out by the lake.
It was such a beautiful day!
Plus the view was amazing!!
Happy Hiking!:)

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