Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking on Mt. Washington

 Mt. Washington
I love this crazy mountain. There has been so many stories of the dangers hiking this mountain that I get goose bumps just thinking that something could go wrong. Even with the greatest weather, you need to be safe while hiking the white mountains and of all the mountains to be the most concerned about would be Mt. Washington. I am very glad though that there are a few huts around that can give cover if the weather would turn bad. Always have protective gear and pay attention to the weather before hiking.
I hiked Mt. Washington in JULY, it turned to hail when I got to the top! Yes, it can snow on top of Mt. Washington even in July. One hut around is the Lakes of the Clouds AMC hut near Mt. Monroe. Also there is AMC Madison Spring Hut near Mt. Madison which has been re-modeled and looks great! If you are at the top of Mt. Washington when weather turns bad, there is a place on top for hikers in need of shelter.
In the summer, on clear days, some people think that they are in the clear and hike up, but the sun can be strong and after the Lake of the Clouds, there are no more trees. Make sure to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen. After the huts, you are following rocks the rest of the way up to the top. Mt. Washington is 6288' and what makes it so dangerous is also the winds. Winds can pick up quickly and can be very strong. I have felt the winds up near the top of Mt. Washington and I as nervous that I can really going to be blown off the cliffs. Remember to be safe when hiking and always stay on the trails!!!
Plus if you are going to hike up this mountain, please have a map, and compass with you. It's so easy to get lost. I can't tell you how many times, people are just hiking in the white mountains with families and ask me where they are, and don't have a clue where they are going. Think that just following a trail in the white mountains will lead them someplace amazing. Well, most trails around here will take to you someplace great, but you don't want to lose your way back home. 
So exciting to be hiking this mountain again this month!! Tell you all my tales of what happens on this crazy mountain! Happy Hiking!

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