Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hiking Pickham Notch....In the White Mountains!

I have always loved traveling through Pinkham Notch as a child up through my twenties on my way to Storyland where I worked every summer. There were always some beautiful view to look at on Route 16! I remember how many wild animal encounters I had on that road, mainly moose! I loved traveling by Mt. Washington and seeing Tuckerman Ravine along the way. As a child my parents took us hiking places around Pinkham Notch and later on I did some of the trails myself. Here are a few place you should check out on your next adventure! up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!

Glen Ellis Falls...This is located across from on Route 16. It's a very easy trail, I remember my parents taking me here as a child. It's about .6 miles round trip. The Waterfall is beautiful! It's 64-foot waterfall! It's a must see!!

Lost Pond....This is also a trail my parents took me down as a kid. I loved following the river to the pond, I also remember seeing beavers. And it was a great place to view Mt. Washington! This was a mile walk around, but a fun place to bring the family. Follow the trail all the way down and it will lead you to Glen Ellis Falls!

Nineteen Mile Brook Trail...that leads to AMC Carter Notch Hut! GREAT HIKE! It is about 7.5 miles round trip, and if you want to hike longer, can head one way to Mt. Wildcat or the other way over to Carter Dome!
Both Mts are 4000 footers! I have been up Mt. Wildcat! Great Views! This is on Route 16 closer to Gorham, not far from the Mt. Washington Auto Road!

Tuckerman Ravine...this is a great hike! I loved hiking here as a child and as an adult! The trail starts at Pinkham Notch Visitors Center. It's about 2.3 miles to get to Hermit Lake Shelter. I came up here once in spring and watched skiers and snowboarders fly down Tuckerman Ravine! There is always snow up here until June believe it or not!

Thompson Falls Trail...starts at Wildcat Mountain Base Lodge and is about 1.4 miles round trip! There is a lovely waterfall when you reach the top.

Glen Boulder...I remember going up here when I was younger. The trail is across from Glen Ellis Falls. You follow up Glen Boulder Trail to Glen Boulder. This is about 1.6 miles up, if you want to continue on there is also Slide Peak and it's about one mile from Glen Boulder. Nice views!

Enjoy you next adventure through Pickham Notch! Happy Hiking!:)


  1. Just found your blog today. Very cool. I used to do a ton of winter climbing in Huntington and Tuckerman ravines on Mt. Washington. Your pictures brought back some great memories. Thanks!

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