Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trail Report: Over to Carter Dome and Beyond! (Part two)

So in my last post I ended on Mt. Hight 4675'. After resting on top, I left Mt. Hight and  traveled on Carter Dome trail over to Carter Dome 4832'. Carter Dome was a little depressing for me. There was a view point I found to take  picture from, but the trail on top was surrounded by trees.

On Top of Carter Dome

The Marker

The view from Carter Dome over the trees
After Carter Dome, headed down the Carter Dome trail 1.4 to the Carter Notch Hut. As we neared the steep climb down the side over to the Hut, there was a sign for a view! I love a good view so I hiked up the trail which was short to see this...

You can see the Hut below from the view

You are very close to a cliff at the view, be safe!

After the view, we traveled down to the Hut. The Hut is smaller then some of the others I have been to, like Lake of the Clouds. There were four tables to sit at, they said not as many people have been staying this summer, though that night they were going to have 40 people which as great! When you stay at the Hut, the care takers will wake you up at 6:30am! So you better be an early bird if you stay at the Hut!

There are other buildings that are for sleeping (as shown) with a nice view of the mountains near by. The bathrooms are located in a separate building off the side of the other buildings.

After leaving Carter Notch Hut, we traveled down the 19 miles Brook Tr, which is 3.9 miles from the Hut, back to the parking. The Hike itself was 10.4 miles, and we started at 10am to just about 6pm. It was worth the hike. Perfect Day as well.

Happy Hiking!

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