Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trail Report: Franconia Notch Kinsman Falls

Today is a beautiful Winter's day. The temp outside is 35 to 37 degrees and everyone is out, enjoying some winter hiking. The trail Cascade Brook Trail is hike-able up to the Kinsman Falls, for then after you have to cross the river which is not really frozen over all the way. There were footprints up to that point, but no one has gone any further up the trail. I had my ten year old stepson and dog with me so I didn't want to chance anyone falling in the icy cold water. The parking lot to the Basin and trail is well taken care of and there were many people out checking out the area. The Basin was beautiful as always and the water flowing. If you want to hike in this area you can't go to far but it is still beautiful and great to see during the winter months. Can go about .7 miles up the trail. Here are some of the pictures I took today on my small adventure in Franconia Notch.
 Half way up, we came across this view,
as you can see the river is not all frozen.

 I loved this frozen Kinsman Falls

and we had to stop at the Basin, I just love this spot. It is always
beautiful no matter what season!

Happy Winter Hiking:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mt. Washington Observatory Weather post!

I enjoy going to to find the weather conditions on top of Mt. Washington. Mount Washington can be a very dangerous mountain. It has already taken the lives of 136 people when I last looked on top. They have a list of everyone and how their life ended on this mountain. Traveling up this mountain, the weather changes fast, you can feel a breeze one moment, and then next feel like you are going to fly off the trail!
Today they have a "A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect today through midnight EST tonight..." That means you need to have the rights gear, clothes and plenty of water for a hike up. I don't hike in January for the weather in the Presidential Range is extremely cold and unpredictable.  When I hike during July through September, I have dealt with Hail, freezing rain and HIGH winds. So, I can't image what I would run into during this time for year. Though, some hikers do hike.
This was in the forecast for today "This trend will continue through the day today, with falling temperatures and gusty northwest winds that will consistently crest over 100 mph." I have been up when it was 40-45 mph and I thought I was going to get blown off! 100 mph!!
To remind me of how much respect I have for this amazing mountain, I look back at my adventures up the trails and the beautiful views I have seem when I get to the top. Here are a few wonderful pictures of Mt. Washington and the views around the area.

 This is the top of Mt. Washington. When me and my friends started our hike, it was warm and sunny. When we got to the top, it was so cold and windy, we needed to buy gloves and hats. They do sell them on top all year long! Plus they have great soup!

I love this picture for you can see how close we were to the clouds. At times the clouds where covering everything and we couldn't see no more then a foot or two in front of us. In the picture we were very close to the top, I was looking back at Lakes of the Clouds Hut. By now, I was getting cold and ready to find warmth.

Remember that this is a wonderful Mountain to hike, by always check the weather and be prepared for anything. You never know what this beautiful mountain will throw you way! Happy Hiking:)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Two of my favorite White Mountain hiking books!

  1. I just love Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire. I used this book on many of my adventures this past summer hiking. Plan on using it again for the adventures I will be going on! It's a little spooky but the trails to follow and what you will find along your journey will be fun! The book itself is a great read and I couldn't put it down,  found myself reading them over and over. I grew up here in NH and new a few of the Tales, but these are spooky and soooo interesting! The book is $12.95! Worth the buy!
  2.   Another book that I enjoy reading while I hike through the White Mountains of NH is AMC'S Best Day Hikes in the White Mountains. This book has everything I day hiker needs to know and what to see when they are on the trails. And it's for all four season with 60 great trails to hike. I love the maps inside the book and the pictures of what I am looking for, so I don't miss a thing!!! This book runs $18.95. 
Hope you enjoy these two great books and Happy Hiking!!:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Franconia Notch ...putting beauty on canvas

I love to hike, and take pictures of everything I see. I also love to Oil Paint so I decided to start painting the beauty I see when I hike in the White Mountains. The First I have decided on was Cloudland Falls in Franconia Notch. I hiked past this wonderful waterfall three times last fall.This waterfall is on the Falling Waters Trail, parking off of 93 in Franconia Notch:)
My inspiration!
After two months:)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a Winter Hike in Franconia Notch

I have done this hike in the Fall but never thought about doing it in the winter until now. I would love to do the OLD BRIDLE PATH to Greenleaf AMC Hut. At the same time see Eagle Lakes. The trail is 2.9 miles, but it's not a hard trail and there are MANY beautiful views along the way. Seeing these beautiful views this fall has been making me wonder what those views look like in the winter months. I think it would be awesome to use snowshoes when going up this trail, but last time I went hiking there wasn't enough snow to use them. This winter has been lacking snow in the White Mountains. Though winter hiking in just with boots has been easy due to little snow. Has anyone done this trail in the winter months?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012


This picture was taken of the 
Mt Washington just a week ago:)
Happy Hiking!

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