Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt. Willard in Crawford Notch

This Adventure takes us to Mt. Willard
Where we started the hike was near the Crawford Depot
and AMC Highland Center
This is the sign you will be looking for when you are on Route 302
in Crawford Notch. You will also see Lake Saco!
Here is the AMC Highland Center. I was standing near the Depot, 
where they have tables and a gift shop as well.

The trail is right near the Depot, and you hike the Mt. Willard Trail all the way up
to the views, which are amazing!
On the way up there is Centennial Pool. My dog went down to get a drink
of cool fresh mountain water!

When you reach the top there is a sign! Mt. Willard Ele.2815

Here are the VIEWS!
 You can walk around on the rocks and be careful, many cliffs
My stepson was close, but not to close to a cliff.
The view of the mountains and Route 302 running between them
is just lovely!
The hike itself is 3.2 miles up and down
Great for children and pets

Happy Hiking!:)

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