Friday, August 19, 2011

Polar Caves ....An awesome adventure through cool caves!

I love hiking and I enjoy exploring caves!
I have always loved visiting the Polar Caves each year.
I find it so much fun to adventure underground and this
is a great place to bring kids! They love it!
 There are many caves, animals to feed, and lots
of cool birds, a gift store, a candy store, and 
a two gardens to walk through...
one a rock garden and one a flower/plant garden!

Wonderful Ducks and other birds that will get close for a treat!

Other animals to see and feed as well!

Woods Trails around the side of cliffs, to get into each cave!

Descending into a Cave!

Cool things to see when you travel through each cave!

Don't forget to try to Squeeze through the Lemon Squeeze!

The Polar Caves are in Rumney, NH
To find directions and to learn more about the Polar Caves
Check out


  1. Great Blog, very interesting, I didn't know anything about the Polar Caves until today, looks like a cool place.

  2. Its a great place! Fun for all ages! You should deff go there it out when you can!


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