Sunday, June 12, 2011

Franconia Notch Hikes and more

I love to travel through Franconia Notch. There are some amazing mountains to hike, I have gone there to climb cliffs, to see some of the attractions, historic sites, there is a campground, and some beautiful waterfalls. I have hiked Mt. Liberty last year. It was a beautiful hike and had some amazing views. You could see all the way down Franconia Notch which was great! I have also hiked Mt. Lincoln. It was about two hours from the base. I loved the view, so peaceful on top. I hiked that mountain in the fall so the trees were so colorful.
There is also some awesome attractions you can stop to visit while passing through. I have been on the Cannon Mtn. Aerial Tranway. There are some trails on top of the mountain where you can see some views of Franconia Notch. There are also some passing trails so hikers can stop on top of the mountain if they need a rest.
I also love to stop at The Basin on my way through the Notch. There is a trail that takes you to the Basin from the road. There are some trails that start near the Basin. I have gone up a trail to Lonesome Lake. The lake was lovely and it was nice to see the new hut up that way called the Lonesome Lake Hut. Hikers can sleep up in the hut, there are restrooms and place to eat.
Another place to see along the Notch is the Flumes. Many visitors of the area love seeing the Flumes. There are some trails that start near the Flumes. That was were I started to get to the top of Mt. Liberty.
I hope to hike some new trails this summer and fall. I will add them to my list of awesome hikes! Stay tuned for more:)


  1. Great posts and cool pics too. Great background too, very cool.


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