Thursday, June 23, 2011

News I found out now!!! Mt. Wildcat

So, I have talked about hiking Mt. Wildcat, but did I write about the AMC hut!? This hut is called Carter Notch Hut and it's found a the near Wildcat A on the start of the Wildcat River Tr. There is a story that it's Haunted by Red Mac. He used to work on the trails and would take care of the hut back in 1916 during the winter months. Many winter hut caretakers have heard doors slam and hear foot steps in the night when no one is around the hut! I have been to this hut before and now hope to journey back to it, so to check it out better! Red Mac said he loved that area for it was a magical place! That when he died he wanted his spirit to rest there and so it seems to be! I remember when I hiked it how wonderful it felt and I believe it's pretty magical! If you ever get to hike up to the Carter Notch Hut, you might see his lantern in the thick woods of Carter Notch!
 This in the Carter Notch Hut! It's set back in the woods after you go around a pond on the trail. It was a really cool hut, bet it would be very interesting to stay for a visit...maybe even meet Red Mac himself while there!

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