Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flumes: Great place to visit!

If you are ever in the Franconia Notch area a great place to stop and check out in The Flumes. All you have to do is get off Exit 34A and it's right down the road. You park at the The Flume Visitor Center and then start your adventure! The Flume is a natural gorge that is about 800ft long at the bottom of Mt. Liberty. The pathway through the gorge is rebuilt every spring for the safety of the guests. It also have caves to explore and beautiful New England Bridges to walk through. The trail itself is over a mile long but is so worth to visit! I go just about every year to see this natural wonder!
Here is a picture I took as I was entering the Gorge. It can be slippery so wear good shoes. The walk path to the left is small but there are railings to hold on. The journey through the gorge is with every penny! It's amazing!

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