Thursday, June 2, 2011

A hike up Mt. Madison

A great hike up Mt. Madison. Now I have hiked this mountain more then once, but the first time was my favorite! I went with a friend, we started the hike around noon and told her it was a two hour hike. I knew I was wrong but I didn't think it would turn into six and half hours! There are a few trails that can get your to the top. We decided to hike Air Line which was a gradual start but got steeper as we got closer to the half way point! About three quarters of the way up, you come out of the trees and on cliffs. You walk a long a path in the middle of cliffs where there are some beautiful views! I would climb this mountain on a clear day for sure! When you walk the path a ways, you come across a cabin where you can stay the night of you would like called AMC Madison Spring Hut. We stopped for a rest there and then started the tough part of the hike. The last few miles in lost rocks. Huge rocks to climb over to get to the top and following small rock piles. We were so tired! Our legs were all muscle after that hike! When we got to the top pf Mt. Madison the view was amazing! You would see in all directions, Mt Washington, Mt. Wildcat, Jefferson, Gorham and even Berlin! It was so awesome to see all that! We ate sandwiches and relaxed. It was a little windy. After we were done taking pictures and viewing, we started down a different trail, which was the Watson Path, but then we got lost. We landed up on Pine Line, heading back to the hut. We had huge rocks to climb over and we followed some rock piles. We were nervous about being stuck up there when it seemed to be getting later by the minute. Soon we made it to the hut and took a quicker trail down called Valley way. It was an easy trail and we could be quick on our feet! We were so happy when we reached the bottom and it wasn't dark yet! I think it was about six thirty, but it was a great hike! Lovely views! Nature at it's finest!
These were the rock piles we followed on the way up and around Mt. Madison. Climbing over these rocks is worth the view!! You will have such a great work out too!

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