Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crawford Notch

I was lucky enough to have to travel to work through Crawford Notch five days a week for a few months. It is a beautiful place to hike. Here is a view of Crawford Notch during the summer.
The road you see below is the road I traveled and the line up the right side is the train tracks. There is a train you can depart from in North Conway that will take you through Crawford Notch. There are many hiking trails here as well and also have the AMC Highland Center to visit. I have hiked up Mt Jackson. There are also Mt Webster, Mt Willard, Mt Willey and Mt Avalon. I am hoping to hike Mt Webster this summer. There are so many beautiful views and great hikes here in Crawford Notch. If you are ever in the Mt. Washington area, you should check out this side of the Mountain. Plus the Mt.Washington Hotel is very close by!

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