Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lonesome lake

In Franconia Notch there is not just mountains that you can hike up to see views, but there are some lovely lakes to see. One is right off the highway near Exit 34C called Echo Lake. Any visitors love coming to the lake for swimming on the beach, boating and fishing. The other lake is Profile Lake, which many can go down a path to see where the old man on the mountain views. There is also boating and fishing at that lake.
But I want to talk about Lonesome Lake. One of the trails to reach lake starts near the Basin. There are places to park for the road and a sign that says Basin. We took the trail called Basin Cascades Trail which is 1.1 miles. As we headed up the trail we saw the Kinsman Cascades and the Kinsman Waterfall. Here is a pic of the Cascades...
Some visitors come here to swim or just hang out on these rocks during the hot summer months. The pic is of me and Sam (he was seven at the time). This is a great trail to bring kids on, they love the rocks and the waterfall. After we pasted the waterfall we connected onto another trail. The trail we connected into was the Cascade Brook Trail and it's about 1.3 miles to the lake. This trail got a little steeper but it was fun to hike up it. Here is a pic of me hiking up one of the staircases on the trail.
The is the picture on me on the trail. It was a lovely trail through the forest of Franconia Notch until we reached Lonesome Lake. It was a beautiful day when we hiked and the weather was warm. Up here there is also a hut called the Lonesome Lake AMC Hut. We had lunch and got to see this beautiful view...
I loved looking at the lake with the mountains behind it. It was so beautiful. I wish I had a view like this outside my window every morning! There were also dogs on the trail when we were hiking which was fun. The lake would be a great place for them to swim. After we hiked down the same way we came up. It was a great day!:)

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