Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First encounter with a Moose on the Trail!

So, I have hiked many times, but yesterday was my first EVER encounter with a moose! We were heading up Air Line Trail near Mt. Madison when my friend stopped in front of me. I looked around her and saw this medium size moose on the trail. I couldn't believe it!!! It was amazing! It looked at us and turned into the woods off the trail. I stayed my distance but wanted to get a picture of it. This is what I got first...
Yep! It's a moose, the back wouldn't look at me, sadly! It was pretty close though! I have seen moose many times living up here but not a few yards away on foot like this. But then I noticed something moving near the moose. Then the moose moved up into the woods. We started walking up the trail and saw the moose again near the trail. I bet she thought we were following her. Then I noticed she had a baby moose near her. It was lighter brown. I got a pretty good picture of the baby staring right at me through the trees.
See the baby moose on the right. The dark figure near it is the mother again. She was just munching away on some leaves when I took this shot! I am telling you, you never know what you are going to run into when you are hiking! It's such an adventure!!!:)

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  1. Wow what a experience. I bet the moose had stories to tell as well. Good pics too I like it. I guess u really dont know what u are in for when hiking. Amazing stuff!


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