Friday, July 22, 2011

Three Great Hikes in Franconia Notch

I know that there are many of great hikes in Franconia Notch. Today I am going to talk about three wonderful hikes that you many enjoy if you travel to this area.

Number three: Lonesome Lake
I have done this beautiful hike and the best part is that there are many trails to get to the beautiful lake. Some hikers like to hike from the Basin. This is a 2.4 mile hike which starts on Basin Cascades Trail then continues onto Cascade Brook Trail. This is a very popular route to take!
There is also starting at the Lafayette Campground which is a shorter route. This is about 1.2 miles. You take the Lonesome Lake Trail all the way up. There is a beautiful Hut called Lonesome Lake AMC Hut that you can stay over night at if you decide. You can also trail around the lake which is 0.8 miles around. Great for dogs to swim in as well. Elev. 2763'

Number Two: Mt. Liberty
This is a great hike. The trail to travel is Liberty Springs Trail which is 3.5 miles to the top of Mt. Liberty. There is also a Liberty Spring Tentsite for those overnight travelers. I have also got some fresh water from a spring here. Now you can travel back the same way or you can head over to Mt. Flumes on the Franconia Ridge Trail. I have not done this yet, though I hope to do it some, but it seems awesome. It would be about 1.2 miles. Then you can head down Flume Slide Trail which is 3.3 miles, this trail then connects to Liberty Springs Trail which leads to the parking. Mt. Liberty is 4459' and Mt. Flume is 4328'

Number One: Loop of Mt. Lafayette
Now I have never done the Loop, but I have had many travelers tell me how wonderful it is. I hope to do it next year and stay over night at the Greenleaf AMC Hut. You travel up Old Bridle Path which is 2.7 miles to the Hut, then continue up Greenleaf Trail to the top of Mt. Lafayette. Then hike the Franconia Ridge Trail over to Mt. Lincoln 0.9 miles away. After travel 0.7 to Little Haystack. I have been up Little Haystack. The view is beautiful! Then travel Falling Waters Trail 3.0 miles back to the parking. There are three beautiful waterfalls to see along the way on this trail. Mt. Lafayette 5261' Mt. Lincoln 5089' Little Haystack 4761'

These are my top three! Happy Hiking!!:)

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