Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mt. Washington...Part 1

Now, of all the mountains I have hiked in the White Mountains, nothing beats Mt. Washington. This mountain have many trails that lead to the top, some being more difficult to hike then others. I had a friend who had hiked this mountain many times so he kind of was like my guide when hiking this amazing mountain. We started at the Cog Railway Base Station. When we started the hike it was about 75 degrees. The sun was peaking through the clouds so we thought it would be a great hike. We started a small trail that connected to the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail. This trail is about 2.1 miles to the Lakes of the Clouds. I would love to say that on the way up we took tons of pictures to show you, but it started to rain about half way up. We went by Gem Pool and then the Cascades. The weather had turned on us when we reached the Lakes of the Clouds AMC Huts. The wind had picked up and it was about 55 degrees out now. I remember feeling cold and wet even though I was wearing rain gear by then. We had lunch at the Hut and talked with the watchers of the hut. They told us that the weather might continue to get worse, but we decided to carry on to the top. We left the AMC huts and walked passed the Lakes of the Clouds, which are really awesome, to the trail Crawford Path which leads to the top of Mt. Washington. We looked up in surprise to noticed that we couldn't see anything! Mt. Washington was covered by thick fog....onward we went though.

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