Friday, July 8, 2011

New AMC Madison Spring Hut!

This week's hike journey up to Mt. Madison had us head also to the New AMC Madison Spring Hut. This hut is located between Mt. Madison and shoulder to Mt. Adams. It is also close to Star Lake. The Hut is amazing now. I loved the look of the inside of Hut and how they set it up. Here are a few pics

The top pic is the Hut and the next pic is inside of the hut. I love the wood and the sleeping area is where the guy in blue is sitting, there is a doorway. the Bathrooms are to my left and they were nice. I loved the kitchen and they have a place to sit outside as well. I am so glad they have a new hut. I already can't wait to visit up Mt. Madison again. Speaking of Mt. Madison, here is a picture of a view from the top this year....
 There is my friend posing in front of Mt. Washington. The red arrow is pointing to the Auto Road that cars drive up to get to the top of Mt. Washington. The Green arrow is pointing to the Station at the top of Mt. Washington and the black arrow is pointing to a group of nails that lets you now that you are no top of Mt. Madison! :)

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