Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sliver Cascade

I have gone through the Crawford Notch area many times, but I have never stopped here. I have seen many travelers stop and take pictures so I decided to stop for the first time. If you are traveling through the Notch, this place is right near Saco Lake. Here is my stepson near the sign that you will see from the road...
He loves climbing up rocks, so this was a great place for him. If you have children, this is a fun place to stop and show them. We then walked up to see the cascades which you can see from the road but you can walk closer to if you go around the fence. There is a small trail to get closer to the water. Below is the falls, it is just beautiful. If you are on your way for a hike, this is a beautiful spot to stop and take some pictures along your travel.

The rocks here are huge as well. My stepson loved climbing up them. I am near a huge rock he enjoyed climbing and near the small trail that heads to the falls.
So, this is a great place. Glad I stopped here for the first time with him. It is wonderful to enjoy nature with kids. They have so much fun and it's FREE! This is a beautiful spot, I can now see why I always see travelers along this road at the Sliver Cascades!

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