Sunday, October 2, 2011

Four AMC Huts I would like to stay at in the White Mountains

Four AMC Huts that I would love to stay at 
in the White Mountains

1. The first AMC Hut I would love to stay at next summer would have to be the Lakes of the Clouds AMC Hut. When I hike up to Mt. Washington I enjoy taking the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail so that I hike right up to this AMC Hut first. This wonderful AMC Hut is right by the two Lakes of the Clouds and have a beautiful view of the Mount. Washington Valley. I would love to wake up to a lovely sunrise at the Hut. I bet it is so beautiful. The Hut is right near Mt. Monroe and only about a mile from Mt. Washington. In side the Hut is a lovely eating area, rooms with bunk beds, and restrooms. Here is a picture of what the hut looks like and location:

2. Lonesome Lake AMC Hut would be another great place I would love to stay in when I hike next summer. It's right by Lonesome lake and you can see a beautiful mountain view of Cannon Mt. I also love that the bunk beds are in another building where there are separate rooms. The restroom is also in another building away from the sleeping rooms, and the place to grab some food is in another building a little higher up where you can see outside at the view. Then there is a place to eat and relax down by the lake. Last time I can up this Hut was packed, and many were swimming at the lake. Here is a picture of this hut:

3. One AMC Hut that I want to stay at, but never had a chance to see yet, would be Greenleaf Hut. This is right near Mt. Lafayette and the Franconia Ridge. I have only heard such great reviews about this hut and how wonderful it is to stay at in the summer months. I would be able to stay and do the Ridge which I want to do. I want to hike all the five Mountains in one day. It would be a great way to do all five. 

4. The Madison AMC Hut would be the other great hut to stay at in the White Mountains. It's was just remodeled this year and when I up to check it out, it was wonderful inside. The restrooms were clean, the eating area was big and the sleeping area is located on the other side. I love how this hut is right near Mt. Madison and also not far from Mt. Adams. Plus it is near lake Star which is a very nice small lake. 
Here is a picture of this Hut:

These huts are prefect for families, couples, groups and individuals. You will need to call for reservations in order to stay at these huts. The number to call is 800-262-4455. Enjoy your stay:)

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