Friday, October 28, 2011

The 4000 Footer Club...With PICTURES:)

The 4000 Footer Club

So, on my way through the Franconia Ridge Trail, we meet a guy who is in the
4000 Footer Club. I have heard of this club before and have already started
writing the dates down in my book of the mountains I hike. He had already
done all the 4000 footers! I was so impressed! 
To be part of the 4000 footer club, one needs to hike all 48 peaks in the White
Mountains, 14 peaks in Maine and 5 in Vermont.
This year I hiked many places but I only got to hike 5 of the 4000 footers,
next year I hope to double that number and hike ten. 
Though its hard because I always enjoy my hikes and 
want to do some of my favorite mountains every year. 
I really enjoy hiking hiking Mt. Washington, Mt. Madison, and Mt. Liberty.
I know I have to adventure out and start doing some new mountains
next year, I am very excited about this thought! 
I hiked four of the larger mountains this year, all being over 5000!
Lets check them out!

 Mt. Washington 6288ft
Mt Lafayette 5260ft
Mt. Lincoln 5089ft
Mt. Madison 5367ft
and also..
Mt. Liberty 4459ft

I am hoping next year to hike Mt. Adams and Mt. Monroe 
and add them to my list.
...Plus a few others which I will be looking over during this winter.
Already excited about next late spring.
Happy Hiking:)
This winter I will be snowshoeing, XCountry skiing, and skiing in the
White Mountains so be looking out for some posts on those!
Plus more on hiking here, I sometimes go up Tuckerman Ravine
when there is snow to see the skiers!


  1. If I ever get out east, I'd like to try a few of these!

  2. Paul, if you do get to come east, you won't be disappointed...great hikes!!!:)


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