Friday, October 21, 2011

Franconia Ridge: Mt. Lafayette Part 2

Mt. Lafayette Part 2

So, I ended with reaching Greenleaf Hut. 
It was a very nice hut, there were other hikers around and inside the hut. 
Most of the hikers showed up as we were leaving so I am sure it was 
even more crowded inside and around.
Here is a pictures of the Greenleaf Hut:
Remember that if you want to stay at the hut
you need to make reservations ahead of time!

 Here is the Hut before it got to crowded (morning)
Inside the Hut when we arrived there for a snack break and relax.

After we were down eating our snacks and resting, 
we got up and headed out. We started on the Greenleaf Trail.
This trail takes you to Mt. Lafayette. It is 1.1 miles. 
The trail is rocky, no trees and views all the way up!
It is very windy once above treeline so you need 
a jacket/windbreaker to keep warm.
Here are a few pics of the trail up:

This was taken about half way up the trail...
...and as we were going up, many hikers were coming down. 
It was close to 1:30 when we reached the top of Mt. Lafayette.

When we reached the top, there is a trail sign.
There were still many hikers out, talked with a few.
I enjoy meeting new people along my travels.

I love the markers. I always have to take pictures of them.
This one is on top of Mt. Lafayette.
We then eat again, and sat where it wasn't windy.
It was great just looking at the views of the mountains
around us. I always have a hard time leaving when I
get on top of mountain. But I was excited to hike the Ridge.
So, then we headed out again along the Franconia Ridge, 
here is a picture of me with Mt. Lafayette behind me!

Happy Hiking:)

Next part will be the Franconia Ridge and Mt. Lincoln

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