Friday, September 23, 2011

Mt. Liberty on a beautiful Sunny Day

Mt. Liberty in Franconia Notch

I love spending time hiking in Franconia Notch. I love all the views from every mountain top. When we hiked up Mount Liberty it was a beautiful sunny day. There were prefect views all around us. I had to take pictures though there is nothing like seeing the views with your own eyes. If you are ever up in this part of the White Mountains, you have got to hike up Mt. Liberty. Some people make it a whole day trip and do Mt. Flumes as well. I am hoping to do both at once next year when I stay at the Tent site up near Mt. Liberty. If you want to learn more about the tent site, it was two posts before this one. Mt. Liberty is a 4000footer, 4459 feet. The best Trail to use when hiking up would be the Liberty Springs Trail. The Flume Slide Trail can be very muddy making it very slippery. Be careful when on that trail! You can also reach Mt. Liberty by going across the Franconia Ridge Trail which hits five main mountains in Franconia Notch.
Here are some of my wonderful pictures:
Here is Mt. Liberty 4459 feet 
Hiking this mountain in Sept. was great for there are few hikers out, 
so the mountain almost feels like its yours.

 My friend up the trail with my dog Stitch. This was also
stitch's first hike up a 4000 footer and he loved it!
Stitch and I look every small from where my friend took this picture. 
We are near the very top of Mt. Liberty and could see all the way around. It was awesome!

 This is a picture of Mt. Flume from Mt. Liberty
This picture is of Mt. Cannon, you can see the clouds rolling over it.

Here is where you can hop on the Franconia Ridge Trail and head over to 
Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette!

Over all I loved this hike and hoping to do it again next year but this time stay over night up in the mountains!
Happy Hiking!

PS...On This hike we made friends with a guy from Conn. He drove up just to do some hiking, staying and then leaving the next day.  He hiked all over and seemed to know everything about the Whites. He talked about his ex-wife, his new girlfriend he meet on a Hiking dating site, his dog he had for five years, a cat that was really not his, but he ended up paying money to put to sleep, that he was the youngest, had older sisters, and he enjoyed a beer after a hike..the only thing I never got was his name! lol ...Thanks for hanging with us on our hike, it was great meeting you (No Name) :) 

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