Thursday, September 1, 2011

Willey House Historic Site

Willey House Historic Site
in Crawford Notch

My stepson and I went to explore this wonderful Historical Site two weeks ago. This place was where the Willey's House once stood and the story of the Willey family is pretty sad. It was a tragedy where all nine people living in the house lost their lives to rock slide. When the rock slide happened, all nine people left the house, Sam Willey, his wife, kids and two workers. The house never was touched by the slide, for a boulder stopped the slide from hitting it. The Willey family sadly didn't make it and were all found dead in the rock slide. This is the site of where the house which was also the Willey's family in stood year ago. Here at the site, there is a lovely pond to feed the ducks at. Children under 12 can fish here, limit being two. Here are some pics...

Here is the Lake (Top pic) and the Gift/Ice Cream Shop (lower pic)

There are also some wonderful trails for those that want to explore the area around. We took the Sam Willey Trail because it was named after the husband who lost his life in the rock slide. This is at the start of the trail. 
 On this Sam Willey's Trail you have to watch for bears. There is also a
sign to be careful for it's bear country. There were also muddy swamp places
where moose love to hang out. I have been on a trail with moose, always 
move slowly, and stay your distance. They can be very dangerous. 

At the Willey House you can hike two wonderful mountains, all you have to decide
is which way you want to go. 

We went up to the Kedron Falls which is the way you would go to Mt. Willey. It is around 1.3 miles up, the Kedron Brook Trail. It was so beautiful up there. 
Here is the sign to the start of the trail. There were lots of edges which
made me nervous with my dog and stepson, so I wouldn't recommend for
small children under 10.
Here was the view and Flume:

After we had a snack and enjoyed the area, we traveled back down where 
we went to get some yummy ice cream at the gift shop.
Great place to visit when you are up in Crawford Notch!:)

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