Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trail Report: Middle Sugarloaf 2539'

Middle Sugarloaf is 2539' and located in the White Mountains. You can get to the mountain by traveling on route 302 ad than head up Zealand Road, There is parking and it cost $3.00. The trail is 1.3 miles up to the top. You can also stop at North Sugarloaf along the way, which will add .3 miles to your hike one way. Each mountain has a view. My friend gave me a few of her pics when she wet hiking and said that she enjoyed the views from Middle Sugarloaf more, then North. The trail was mostly cleared, a few falling trees. Here are a few of the pictures I collected from her hike:

The trail up to the top of Mt. Middle Sugarloaf
The view of Mt.Washington
I love this picture. I have a picture also of my feet in the picture when hiking.
 Hope you have enjoyed these great pictures. My friend is thinking of starting her own Hiking Blog, I hope she does :) Happy Hiking!

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