Monday, March 19, 2012

Trail Report: Hiking up Mt. Avalon

This past weekend was beautiful. The weather was in the 70's and there was a cool breeze! My stepson, Stitch and I decided we wanted to go hiking. I thought it would be a great idea to hike a trail we have never hiked before, so I check my map and decided on Mt. Avalon. Mt. Avalon is located in Crawford Notch. You can find the starting trail on route 302 near the Crawford Depot. You just park and walk over the tracks to the starting trail called Avalon Trail.
The trail was not to bad this time of year. The snow was still about four feet deep in most places but in the middle of the trail it was well packed down. The Trail in about 1.8 miles up to Mt. Avalon and the view was amazing! You can see all over. I loved the view of Mt. Washington from up on Mt. Avalon. On the way up or down you can also view Pearl Cascade and Beecher Cascade on a side trail loop. If you were to continue up Avalon Trail another 1.0 miles you would be at Mt. Field. I hope that I come to this spot again this summer and continue up to that Mountain. Here are some pics of the view and beauty of Mt. Avalon.

Cascade Beecher
This sign means you are very close at seeing beautiful views

The View from Mt. Avalon

The view of Mt. Washington from Mt. Avalon
Did you know that Mt. Avalon Trail was named by Moses F. Swetser, who thought the area's beauty rivaled that of King Arthur's fabled residence. I wonder if I start searching on the trail if I will find my own Sword and the Stone:)

Happy Hiking! Enjoy the Spring Hiking!


  1. One of the nicest views in the Whites and a great hike in any season! Still hard to believe that on the last weekend of winter there is so little snow. Then again, it was 70 degrees as we were driving over Kancamagus Pass on Sunday. Amazing!

    1. I know! Even today, it's going to be 82 degrees outside...which means very soon, there will be no snow!


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