Monday, March 12, 2012

Near Mt. Madison

I was driving through Randolph NH, on Route 2. My stepson and I stopped near a large boulder, we wanted to get a picture of Mt. Madison. My stepson wants to hike Mt. Madison this year for the first time. When we stopped we noticed a sign on the boulder and a marking on top. Is there a story to this boulder that someone can tell us about? We found it very interesting...
The Person on this sign is "William Peek"

This was on top of the boulder

My stepson posing on top of the large boulder

The view of Mt.Madison from the boulder
If you know anything about this sign and the story, my stepson and I would love to hear it. Please leave a comment.... We are wondering if it was a lost hiker from the past...I love the stories of the White Mountains and locations near them! :) Happy Hiking!


  1. I love how the white have history oozing out of every tree and boulder! good luck to your step son as he takes on Madison this year!

  2. The round one on top looks like a National Geological Survey benchmarker. They are all over the US, used for map making. used to make a game out of finding them.


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